How Can Onyx Bowls Make Your Dinner Table Stand Out?
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How Can Onyx Bowls Make Your Dinner Table Stand Out?

If you really want to give your guests a memorable dinner experience, then you need to serve more than just good food. The presentation and, more importantly, what you serve dinner in also matters. Nothing is going to stick in the memory of your dinner guests than a table featuring pure onyx bowls.

Onyx is one of the most beautiful crystals for making unique and durable bowls. At Gemstone Gifts, Onyx Bowls are one of our best-selling products due to their eye-catching patterns, which make them ideal for dinner table decor. If you are planning on adding Onyx Bowls to your culinary collection but aren’t sure how exactly it will transform your dinner table, then you are at the right place. We will explain exactly how onyx bowls can transform your dinner table.

Free form onyx marble bowl

What Makes Onyx Bowls Special?

Before we explain how Onyx Bowls can make your dinner table stand out, it is important to understand what makes these bowls special. Pure Onyx crystals are mined from underground mines. While black is the most common colour for this stone, it also comes in brown, white, blue, grey, orange, and red hues.

So naturally, when this sought-after crystal is crafted into a bowl, it is going to look and feel every bit as special as you would expect a semi-rare crystal to be. However, the real reason why Onyx bowls are highly sought after is that each one has its own unique pattern. Each Onyx bowl is made when layers after layers are deposited and joined together over a period of several thousand years. This centuries-long process creates unique patterns in the Onyx stone. So naturally, when you turn Onyx into bowls through a complex carving process, the result is extraordinary.

Fossil Onyx Marble Bowl

How do Onyx bowls transform your dinner table?

Onyx bowls have some distinct attributes that make them ideal for use on dinner tables. Here is how Onyx bowls can transform your dinner table:

Onyx Bowls Are A Chunk Of History

Now it is easy to imagine a black onyx bowl sitting at the center of the table attracting all the attention towards it. But if we go back in time, Egyptians and Romans actually used Onyx Bowls and plates to eat their food.

Around the Middle Ages, an Onyx bowl, large or small, present on the dinner table would signify wealth and status. So, by historical standards, using Onyx bowls on your dinner table is going to make the guests feel honoured while solidifying your image as a tasteful household.

Make The Food Look Even Better

There are many ways to serve fruits, salads, or even soup to your guests, but none compare to food being served in a beautiful Onyx bowl. At Gemstone Gifts, we have a complete range of Onyx bowls, including large, medium, and small options; make sure you have the appropriate bowl for your needs.

When you serve a tasty and colourful fruit salad in an equally vibrant Onyx Bowl, you get the peak presentation that you simply can’t get from regular dinnerware.

Onyx Bowls Come With Plenty Of Options

As mentioned earlier, Onyx naturally occurs in a wide range of hues. So, it is not going to be difficult for you to find an Onyx bowl that goes well with your tablecloth, table, or dinner hall decor. At Gemstone Gifts, we have everything from a black Onyx Bowl to lighter-coloured options and even sets of Onyx bowls.

So, no matter what theme or style you want to achieve for your dinner table, an Onyx Bowl will blend right in.

Zebra black onyx marble bowl

Onyx Bowls prevent spillovers.

Onyx bowls are heavier than traditional bowls and plates, so they don’t spill over, making them ideal for a casual dinner. It is not like a spillover is going to damage the onyx bowls due to their high durability.

You won’t have to worry about your Onyx bowls chipping or breaking as long as you buy authentic products from Gemstone Gifts.

How to pick the best Onyx Bowl for your dinner table?

Now that you know how an Onyx Bowl can complement your dinner table, it is time to learn how you can pick the best one. The first thing you should look for is the finishing of the bowl’s surface, as an unfinished surface can make your entire dinner table seem dull.

Apart from the finishing, you should also consider the size of the Onyx Bowl and make sure it is not too big for your table size and not too small either. This is why we offer sets of free form Onyx Bowls with multiple sizes in each set, which makes it easier to use the right-sized bowl for the right application.

Last but not least, make sure to buy Onyx bowls from a reputed source such as us at Gemstone Gifts, so each piece is guaranteed to be authentic and high quality.

Onyx Bowls


Onyx Bowls are one of the most sought-after dinner table decor options, and this article should have explained the reason for their popularity. You can use these multipurpose bowls to simply decorate the dinner table or serve food.

Gemstone Gifts has all the options you need in the Onyx crystal section on top of just the bowls, so make sure to look at our selection of Onyx products.


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