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Chlorite Quartz Tumbled Stones, Chlorite Including Quartz Tumble Stones, Unique Gift, Meditation Stone, Housewarming Gift, Healing Crystals

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Chlorite Quartz

Zodiac : Sagittarius, Leo and Capricorn

Chakras : Heart, Third eye

Chlorite is one of the members of the quartz family. Chlorite is a colourless crystal with green colour inclusions.

This Stone is known as the battling stone against depression, stress and anxiety. It is the best powerful stone for cleansing and purifying. It helps you to get rid of stress induced and emotional pains whether old or fresh. It dispels negativity and negative thoughts that stuck on to your head and makes you feel down and depressed. It helps you to connect with energy aura so that you can ground your emotions to the earth and cleanse your mind from negativity. This stone specifically works with expressing and releasing thoughts so that you can feel free.

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