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Jasper Zebra Brown Tumbled Stones, Zebra Jasper Crystal, Zebra Jasper Pocket Stone, Healing Crystals, Jasper Zebra Brown Tumblestones

Description du produit

Jasper zebra brown tumbled stones

Zodiac : Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn

It is associated with the root chakra.

Jasper zebra brings the inner peace, calmness and problem solving abilities. It stimulates the protection, grounding and connection to mother earth energies. It brings determination and focus so that you will be stayed affirmed to achieve your goals. It assists in reducing fears, negativity, depression, long lasting emotional pains. This stone is the best known stone because it anchors the energies within your body so rapidly, it keeps you happy and free of negative emotions.

you can keep it under your pillow for having energies within your body as well and also increase dream recall.

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