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Onyx Crystal Tray 8in x 12in

Description du produit

Polished base, slightly rough on the upper surface.

Find your inner peace with this gorgeous Onyx Crystal Tray! Made of high quality onyx, this piece is sure to find its way onto your coffee table or shelving. Place your favourite trinkets around the tray for a decorative addition or use it as an altar to increase inspiration and intuition during meditation.

This beautiful white swirl clear crystal makes an excellent gift idea. The hues create calming energy properties that provide protection, healing, focus and stamina to the bearer which will surely manifest many great things in life!

 It is a stone for Zodiac Leo and month of August.

Onyxes occur in bands of various colours but white and black layers are considered the most usual. Stones with a black base and white upper colour is considered ‘true’ or ‘Arabic Onyx’


Width - 8"
Length - 12"

Sku: 5060892343598
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