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Onyx Vase

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Onyx Vase

Onyx, originates from Greek mythology meaning, fingernail or claw, is considered to be a strength giving stone which also provides protection to the bearer. It is known to calm fear and allow healing of past injuries and any physical traumas affecting the present life. Onyx is believed to increase intuition and instinct which is why it is such a useful stone for meditation. It is believed that Onyx absorbs negative energy and enhance physical and mental stamina.

Each piece of onyx vase has been beautifully hand carved, polished and can be used for flower arrangements. Onyx helps you to be ease at your surroundings therefore this onyx vase can be a great addition to your home interior and provides many healing properties as well.

It can be a fantastic gift for your friends, family and loved ones.

Height- 30 cm
Width- 10 cm
Depth- 10 cm

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