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Orange Selenite tumble stones

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Orange Selenite Tumble Stones

Perhaps the most important tool in a crystal lover’s collection, Selenite is often referred to as ‘liquid light’ as it literally allows liquid like light fluidity. It is best known to clear energy blockages within a person or a place. It has extremely high vibrations which floods any energy field with light. It is a fantastic tool in recharging other crystals and stones if it is felt they are not as radiant as before.

Selenite is a fantastic crystal to be used during meditation as it allows clarity of the mind and instills feeling of deep peace and harmony.

Orange selenite is said to be used for safety, especially at night time. It could prove beneficial for children who might experience night terrors to feel safe and secure. It is also beneficial for the clarity of mind, awareness of the self and surrounding ones as well. 

Please be advised that due to the handcrafted nature of our Selenite products, all sizes are estimates and can very +/- 1cm in size. Please bear this in mind when making your selection as we're unable to accept this as a fault in the item.

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