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Turquoise Tumbled Stones, Polished Turquoise Tumbled Stones, Tumblestones Turquoise, Healing Crystals, Reiki Stones, Spiritual Stones

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Turquoise Tumblestones

Zodiac : Sagittarius

Turquoise is a combination of blue and the colour green.

Turquoise is a valuable mineral that is often use for jewelry, especially in the American Southwest and Middle East. Turquoise is one of the oldest protection stone and in many ancient cultures was a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Turquoise was associated with connections to the spiritual world, psychic sensitivity, and protection from harm and negative energy.

It is the best known stone of friendship and it brings peace to the home and good fortune to the owner. The turquoise stone is believed to carry with it great truth and wisdom inside it. The turquoise gemstone is a stone that represents self-worth and also assits in analytical thinking as well as creative energy.

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