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XL Blue Tigereye beads Bracelet, Jewelery Bracelet

Description du produit

Blue tiger eye is calming and releases stress. It aids the hyper emotional, phobic and quick tempered. It is said to dispel feelings of sexual frustration and calms overactive sex drive.

Tiger eye is a variation of Chalcedony, which is a nurturing stone. Traditionally worn as an amulet against curses, Tiger eye brings the wearer good luck and is a stone of protection. It allows the wearer mental clarity and the ability to think clearly, unclouded by emotions. This is a powerful stone which is useful in recognising one’s own needs in relation to needs of others. It stabilises mood swings, boosts courage and self confidence whilst releasing tension from the mind and body.

Tiger eye not only heals psychosomatic illnesses but is also believed to alleviate pain and aid in repairing and strengthening broken bones and alignment of the spinal column.

Available in 8mm and 10mm.

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