Top 10 Stone Chip Bracelets You Can Buy In The UK
Stone Chip Bracelets
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Top 10 Stone Chip Bracelets You Can Buy In The UK

Stone chip bracelets are some of the most popular natural jewellery products made using chipped stone. These bracelets not only look good but also have healing properties. Stone chip bracelets are quickly gaining popularity in the UK due to their unique designs and beautiful colours. At Gemstones Gifts, we offer bracelets made from top-quality stone chips. Our collection of stone chip bracelets includes varieties ranging from Rose Quartz to stunning and rare Shungite stone bracelets.

With so many different types of stone chip bracelets available, our customers often wonder what the top options are for buying in the UK. We have created this list of the top 10 stone chip bracelets in the UK to make your buying decision easier.


Malachite Stonechip Bracelet

1. Malachite Stone Chip Bracelet

Malachite stone chip bracelet is a beautiful jewellery piece with an eye-catching bluish-green colour. So it goes without saying that when used for making bracelets, this stone offers the perfect blend of attractive colour and precisely chipped stone. Malachite stone is also a natural purifier, and it can absorb pollutants from your body when worn.


2. Natural Rose Quartz Bracelet

Rose Quartz is another beautiful stone that has a beautiful light pink colouration, and when its chips are made into a bracelet, it amplifies the stone’s appearance. On top of its soft colour and feminine appeal, the rose quartz also has emotional healing properties. When wearing the Natural Rose Quartz in bracelet form, you expect both physical and emotional health benefits.


Natural Rose Quartz Stonechip Bracelet

3. Moss Agate Crystal Chip Bracelet

Moss Agate crystal is different from your average Agate due to green inclusions on mostly white stone. Bracelets made from Moss Agate crystal are durable, and you can wear them on a daily basis without the stone wearing out. Moss Agate Crystal Chip Bracelets are believed to possess healing abilities.


4. Shungite Chip Bracelet

Shungite is one of the most sought-after stones by stone collectors, and for good reason. This gunmetal crystal is perfect for making bracelets, and Shungite Chip Bracelets are some of our best-selling products. Shungite can also relieve stress and anxiety other than looking great on your wrist.

Red Jasper StoneChip Bracelet

5. Red Jasper Stone Chip Bracelet

Red Jasper was one of the most popular stones in ancient civilizations, and it still maintains its popularity in the UK. Known for its distinct red colouration, red Jasper Stone Chip bracelets are great to wear on any occasion. Red Jasper Stone Chip Bracelet can keep the negative energies away, and it is also a relatively affordable option.


6. Mookaite Chip bracelet

If multi-coloured bracelets are your preference, then you will fall in love with the Mookaite Chip Bracelet. This stone is found in a variety of colours, including purple, cream, yellow, grey, and red, so a Mookaite Chip Bracelet made from all these colour variations makes for a vibrant bracelet. Mookaite is also a healing crystal.


7. Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli is a unique stone because it is primarily blue with white markings. When used to make bracelets, the Lapis Lazuli stands out on the wrist of the wearer. Lapis Lazuli is one of the few stones primarily used for making beads and chip bracelets. So you can be sure that a Lapis Lazuli stone chip bracelet is going to look good on you. As far as the spiritual benefits of Lapis Lazuli are concerned, this stone is a stress reliever and relieves tension.


Mookaite StoneChip Bracelet

8. Gold Tiger Eye Stone Chip Bracelet

Golden is the traditional colour for bracelets, and the Gold Tiger eye stone is one of the few stones that can be used to make beautiful golden stone child bracelets. Tiger Eye bracelets are known to ward off the evil eye, and our 100% natural Tiger Eye stone chip bracelets allow you to soak up the full benefits of this beautiful stone.


9. Serpentine Stone Chip Bracelet

Serpentine Stone is widely used for decorative purposes due to its greenish colouration and subtle patterns. When used together in the form of stone chips for making bracelets, the Serpentine’s slight colour variation and distinct hues of each stone become more prominent. The serpentine stone chip bracelet is great for those who meditate often.

Opalite StoneChip Bracelet

10. Opalite Stone Chip Bracelet

The Opalite Stone is identifiable by its clear or milky white appearance, and it comes in shades of blue, pink, and green. Our Opalite Stone Chip Bracelets are made using jewellery-grade Opalite, which makes them appear shinier than regular Opalite. Opalite bracelets are known for their healing abilities.


Our rare and semi-rare stone chip bracelets combine beauty and spiritual benefits in a complete package. We have listed our top 10 stone chip bracelets in this article to make it easier for you to pick one that fits your needs.

Browse through our chakra stone chip bracelet collection today to pick a bracelet that suits your chakra.