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Covellite Tumbled Stone, Covellite Crystal, Covellite Tumble stone, Covellite Gemstone Crystal, Healing Crystal, Stimulate Third Eye

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Covellite tumbled stones

Covellite was discovered by Niccolo Covelli at Mt. Vesuvius in Italy. It is a very rare copper mineral and well known to mineral collectors. Covellite gradually changes colour as view or illumination changes. It shows bright blue, indigo and sometimes purple colour.

It is associated with the zodiac ‘’Sagittarius’’.

It activates the ‘’Third eye’’ chakra.

 Covellite is a very powerful healing stone. It assists you to turn your dreams into reality by keeping you motivated. It helps you to learn from your past lives and makes you wise to don’t repeat the same mistakes in your lives. It also dispels negativity from your life and brings positivity, it energizes your relationships and dispels the jealousy, bitterness, insecurities from your love life and makes you a powerful couple

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