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Marble (Onyx) Tea Coasters - Set of 6

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Available in:
Black Marble
White Marble

Onyx, originates from Greek mythology meaning, fingernail or claw, is considered to be a strength giving stone which also provides protection to the bearer. So different to the usual coasters we all have lying around, this set is one to cherish forever. Unique in its features, the onyx coasters will always gather curiosity and spark conversation about their uniqueness.

Using fossil around a home or at work creates a harmonious and organized atmosphere. Fossil coasters are best for its metaphysical properties and elegance as well.

Marble gives strength against difficulties and encourage positive focus to bring physical and emotional improvements. So lovely coasters that you would love to adding them in you Home/kitchen.

These coaster can be a great gift for your family, friends and loved ones.

Coaster Diameter- 9.5 cm.
Outer shell diameter- 11.5 cm
Height- 5.75 cm

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