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Serpentine Stone Chip Bracelet

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Serpentine Bracelet

Serpentine was historically used for detecting evil, protecting against bad luck and ill intentions of others.

Like serpentine, many stones that dispel negativity have a depth and darkness of colour, which protects their owners from the negative energies. Serpentine helps you keep your mind focused on positive thoughts, assisting in the conscious re-direction of healing energy toward any problems you may be facing. It can help correct mental and emotional imbalances, allowing you to feel more in control of your life. Therefore, serpentine is considered excellent for developing an inner peace that makes you untouchable by negative energy. It will help you to develop a psychic shield and make it impossible for bad energy to permeate.

Serpentine also aids in meditation and enhancing of spiritual exploration. Carrier of this stone will find it easier to meditate as it helps clear the consciousness of the source of negative thoughts patterns. Serpentine grounds you as you traverse the depths of your consciousness.

It can assist in retrieving memories of past lives and if placed on the throat, may help you review the past and be able to speak about it to others.

Serpentine can help you to be less sensitive to the opinions of others. It reduces your need for external validation and can boost your self confidence. Serpentine is a stone of independence. It engenders a sense of being protected from all kinds of negative thoughts and energies.

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