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Shungite Tumbled Stones, Reiki Infused, XL Large Shungite Gemstones, Polished Stones, Shungite Tumblestones, Healing Stones. Spiritual Stone

Product Description

Shungite Tumblestones Large
Size : 35mm - 40mm

Shungite is famously found in Russia, it is one of the oldest minerals. The distinguishing sign of genuineness of shungite is its black colour.

It is associated with zodiac scorpio and cancer.

Shungite activates the root chakra and protects from all the negativity and balances your mental and physical health. It is also the first way towards spiritual development.

Shungite has many healing properties, it protects you from EMFs (Electromagnetic frequency) because in this world of technology everyone is surrounded by electronics and technologies like mobile, laptop etc. Place this shungite stone near your electronic appliances for the purpose of being protected from harmful radiations. Shungite also used to purify water, you can drink shungite filtered water as it is purified and safe to drink. 

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