do himalayan salt lamps work when they are on?

Do Himalayan salt lamps work?

Do Himalayan salt lamps work? There have been several class action lawsuits brought against manufacturers of Himalayan salt lamps alleging that the products do not provide the health benefits that they are claimed to.

So are we prey to a great Himalayan salt lamp hoax, or are the sceptics wrong?


Are Himalayan salt lamps legit?

Let’s take this question at face value. Are Himalayan salt lamps legit? Strictly speaking, if their origin is from salt harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan then the answer is: ‘Yes’.

This salt is believed to be millions of years old, and it contains minerals which give it its characteristic pink hue. Any lamp made from a substance not harvested from the Khewra mine is not considered legit.

If, however, your question relates to wider claims for Himalayan salt lamps then this is where science and belief take divergent paths.

Search online and you’ll find that there have been very, very few proper scientific studies done into the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps – and yet, among the scientific community, the jury is out on whether Himalayan salt lamps work.

Believers would argue; how would they know if they hadn’t done the proper research? Because there is a heck of a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests they do make a difference to people’s lives and their wellbeing.


Do Himalayan salt lamps work?

The facts are that Himalayan salt has been said to produce negative ions and scientific studies are in no doubt that high intensity negative ion treatments can reduce chronic depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

So far so good.

But what about Himalayan salt lamps? What are they really? A bulb placed into a carved cavity in a chunk of Himalayan salt. Can this really work?

Let’s look at the ‘evidence’. Negative ions can be found in all areas of the natural world, from crashing ocean waves, waterfalls, storms and sunlight.

Envisage how you feel standing on a beach hearing the roar of the waves and sun on your face, Good eh? Salt lamps are billed as natural ionisers able to produce the feelgood effect we experience in nature and more.


The benefits of Himalayan Salt lamps include:

Air purification

The water particles emitted from the salt lamps are said to trap allergens, bacteria and dust and are therefore beneficial to people with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Elimination of harmful positive ions

Our homes are filled with harmful positive ions generated by our electronic devices. The release of negative ions in the air from the Himalayan salt lamp is said to eliminate these pollutants.

Help you to sleep better

Better quality sleep is essential tour being able to perform every day tasks as well as cope with whatever life throws at us.

Combat electromagnetic radiation

Another fallout from our overuse of electronic devices is prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation which can increase stress and anxiety and deplete the immune system. This is why it is recommended that Himalayan salt lamps be places near your workstation.

Reduced stress

It has been seen that people who have been exposed to a higher concentration of negative ions in the air tend to have much lower levels of psychological stress than average, which is why one of the benefits of salt lamps that you will notice in your body is stress reduction, as these emit negative ions when subjected to the heat of the internal light bulb.

Boost your energy

When there are a lot of positive ions in the atmosphere it can affect the blood supply to the brain which in turn will deplete the body’s energy reserves. You know how you can feel before a storm? How afterwards you feel a rush of energy? The negative ions will make you feel so much more energised.

You can find out more about he positive effects and uses of Himalayan salt lamps here.


Are Himalayan salt lamps a gimmick?

No. A gimmick is a passing fad, a trick if you like, and while we must stress that there is no scientific proof that Himalayan salt lamps will provide all the benefits that are attributed to them, there are millions of people out there who swear by their power to enhance their life and wellbeing.

In our technology driven fast-paced, highly stressful lives, the Himalayan salt lamp, is for many a welcome source of light and comfort.

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