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Himalayan crystal salt has myriad properties to help improve our health and the quality of the air around us. Don’t be fooled by crystal salt that hasn’t been sourced from around this most mystical of mountain ranges. The crystal salt which is used to create beautiful lights is taken from underground mines in Khewra, Pakistan, found on the western edge of the Himalayan Mountains and the correct sourcing isn’t the only distinction it has.

Visually it is a very beautiful pinkish hue. This can range from a light pink to a more intense orange pink. The colouration occurs over millions of years after the salt crystal has reacted with iron and other minerals in its formation. When you buy a real Himalayan salt lamp it will have been hand-carved from a solid block of Himalayan salt and when the salt particles are warmed by the inner light it can have amazing health benefits.

Himalayan Salt Products

Our Himalayan salt products come in a variety of different forms but most of them are lamps as these are the most efficient way to transmit the negative ions which are so beneficial to health and wellbeing. Lamps can be rugged natural shapes that look as though they have just been hewn from the beautiful rock of the Himalayas to more sculptural pieces. You may want to connect with your spiritual plane through a salt lamp in the shape of an angel for example, or a stunning tactile oval egg-shaped lamp. We also stock other Himalayan crystal salt products including an inhaler, bath salts and salt chunks all of which you can use to enhance the healing power of your lamp, while our Himalayan salt paperweights are perfect for retaining by your side as a kind of talisman. Perfect for dispelling negativity in the workplace.


What is a salt lamp?

Salt lamps are usually created from blocks of pure pink salt crystals which are carved out in the centre so that a light can be placed in their interior. Once illuminated they shed a gorgeous relaxing glow.

What are the health benefits of Himalayan crystal salt?

The health claims for Himalayan crystal salt range from being beneficial for certain mental health conditions, to addressing low energy levels, sleep problems and environmental reactions such as asthma and certain allergies.

How can Himalayan crystal salt have health benefits?

What you have to consider is the millions of years that this stone has been developing under intense tectonic pressure. Under these conditions, there has been absolutely no exposure to any toxins, pollutants and impurities. The way the salt crystal's unique cellular structure is formed therefore allows the salt to store vibrational (healing) energy. Himalayan salt crystals and minerals exist in a colloidal form. What this means is that they are minute enough for our cells to easily absorb them. In Himalayan crystal mineral salt, there are an estimated 80  types of minerals that are also present in our own bodies.

How does Himalayan crystal salt work?

Negative ions released from the lamp can increase the levels of chemicals serotonin and tryptophan in the body increasing feelings of wellbeing.

But do salt lamps really work?

There have been no real scientific studies made of their efficacy however, alternative therapies have their way of working for some people while others will be very sceptical about the claims made about them. That doesn’t mean that they should be dismissed altogether. Some things in life will always remain a mystery and outside the doctrine of modern science.

How do Himalayan salt lamps clear the air?

The reason is simple. This is that because the vapour carrying air pollutants are attracted to the lamp they’ll attach themselves to the surface thus ‘purifying’ your surroundings and blitzing all those nasties which cause allergies.

Can Himalayan salt clear asthma?

Devotees claim that the Himalayan rock salt lamp has the ability to help you breathe more easily. Asthma sufferers for example may find their ability to draw away toxins in the air a way to help their condition.

Are Himalayan rock salt lamps expensive?

Like any product, they can be but because we source our products directly from our supplier and do not go through a wholesaler we are able to keep our costs down. A Himalayan rock salt lamp for example can cost you as little as £24.99 while a Himalayan rock salt paperweight is a mere £6.99.

Himalayan Salt Products

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