Selenite is a crystal that promotes clarity and a calming atmosphere and it has wonderful health benefits too.

In fact, selenite is often referred to as ‘liquid light’ which makes it a perfect substance when it comes to softly illuminating a room.

This extraordinary mineral is especially beneficial to mental health as it is renowned to clear negative energy and re-charge the spirits. It can help promote natural deep sleep, soothe the senses and give you back a sense of peace and harmony. It’s also a deeply spiritual stone that can connect you to a higher plane which is why it is often used when practicing meditation.

When a piece of selenite is hollowed out at one section and an LED bulb and switch are connected, a selenite lamp will be the result. It works by radiating light in all directions but without building up any heat which is why it is so good as a night light.

At Gemstone Gifts we have a beautiful range of selenite lamps in various sizes and designs, so whether you want a selenite lamp UK that’s more portable, or one that is going to provide a focal point for a room, we have a design for you. They include: Our Selenite Natural Tower Lamp, our USB Mountain Lamp and our USB Colour Changing Mountain Lamp. For those who want to bring the symbol of love into their home we have our Heart Lamp and if you need increased illumination our Cylinder Tower Lamp is an impactful presence. Selenite towers and skyscrapers are wonderful tools for spiritual practices and healing sessions.


How is selenite made?

Selenite crystals are one of several types of mineral called gypsum and are formed over millions of years from evaporated saltwater.

What is a selenite lamp UK good for?

Switch on a  selenite lamp and it will help you fight the darkness within, filling you with feelings of wellbeing. If you’re fighting depression or unhappiness, your selenite lamp may be able to help you overcome those feelings, or if you are experiencing disturbed sleep then your selenite lamp will cleanse your chakra points and guide you to a deep slumber. It can also ward off negativity and bad energy and it will recharge other crystals.

Can I leave a selenite lamp UK on all night?

Yes you can leave your selenite lamp on all night and feel the benefits of its energy in the morning when you awaken too!

Is selenite toxic?

Sodium selenite can be toxic but that is not true for selenite in its crystal form. If it is submerged in water then particles that break off could be ingested, however, you would not clean your selenite lamp by immersing it in water. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth should maintain its iridescent beauty.

What is the difference between a selenite lamp and Himalayan salt lamp?

While both lamps have powers of cleansing and purification, selenite has the edge when it comes to revitalisation. Also because the Himalayan salt lamp is (surprise surprise) made from salt it has a tendency to attract moisture unlike the selenite lamp.


Selenite Lamps

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