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Product Description

Handmade Marble Chess Set 15''

This unique and wonderful handmade chess board and chess pieces are made of brown and black marble stone. It can be a great gift for your friends, family and loved ones.

Chess is played on a board of 64 squares, arranged in eight vertical rows and eight horizontal rows. Our handmade chess board alternates between two colors, one is light and the other is dark. The hand carved chess pieces which come with the chess board are as unique as the chess board. Chess pieces are used to move on board when you play a chess game. These chess pieces are made of black and brown marble stone.

You would really love to play on this beautiful and elegant hand carved marble chess board and chess pieces.

Item Specifications :

Length - 15"
Width - 15"

Approximate weight - 9Kg

£110.00 £165.00
Maximum quantity available reached.
Product Description

Like Himalayan salt lamps are for physical health, Selenite lamps are for boosting mental health. Place them anywhere you'd like to infuse with calming light to calm and soothe the senses. Their light really is like a flash of heavenly light.

Perhaps the most important tool in a crystal lover’s collection, selenite is often referred to as ‘liquid light’ as it literally allows liquid like light fluidity. It is best known to clear energy blockages within a person or a place. It has extremely high vibrations which floods any energy field with light. It is a fantastic tool in recharging other crystals and stones if it is felt they are not as radiant as before.

Selenite is a fantastic crystal to be used during meditation as it allows clarity of the mind and instills feeling of deep peace and harmony.

All our Selenite products make for beautiful gifts for loved ones.

Please be advised that due to the handcrafted nature of our Selenite products, all sizes are estimates and can vary +/- 1cm in size. Please bear this in mind when making your selection as we're unable to accept this as a fault in the item.

Maximum quantity available reached.

Fire Bowl with Balls

Glow your room with our beautiful Himalayan salt fire bowl with 5x balls.

Product Description
Himalayan Christ Cross Lamp
Part of our new Himalayan salt collection, this hand carved cross lamp would make a beautiful and original Christmas gift so unique that you’d want to keep one for yourself!
This elegant and sleek lamp has been hand carved by artisans using Himalayan salt which is only mined in Pakistan, this lamp will warm any room with its soothing amber to pink tones. Himalayan salt lamps naturally purify the air by creating negative ions which fight bacteria as well as improve sleep by reducing stress levels by releasing oxygen into the air during the night-time hours. These lamps also improve the asthma symptoms of people who suffer from this condition. 
The lamps can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. The anti-bacterial nature of the salt means that it does not require any other form of cleaning.
Himalayan salt is hygroscopic in nature which means that it will absorb moisture from its surrounding. It is then usual for it to get damp when that moisture is released. It is possible that when the lamp is received, it will be damp to touch but please be advised that this is completely normal and the moisture will evaporate once the lamp has been lit for a while. These lamps, along with our other Himalayan salt range is imported from Pakistan, where this salt originates. They have travelled a long way in boxes and so the process of absorbing and releasing moisture will mean that the lamps will more than likely be damp when first received.

Item specifications
Height- 22cm
Width (widest corners)- 15cm
Weight 3-5 Kg
£27.99 £34.99
Maximum quantity available reached.

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