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Product Description

What is a Himalayan salt cooking slab used for? 

A Himalayan salt cooking slab is a pure mineral and crystallized cookware item, it can be used for cooking in the oven, on a gas burner and an electric stove and you can also use it for serving food. It comes with a steel stand and for handling it as a tray this stand has two handles at both ends. Rather than always presenting food in metal or glass trays, this Himalayan salt slab can be used for presenting the food in a very attractive and different way.

By cooking on a Himalayan salt block, your food will be infused with the 80+ minerals found in the salt. Not only are these healthy, they will also impart a more complex flavor profile to your food. Himalayan pink salt slabs can be heated to as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit and used to lightly sear all sorts of delicious foods. When the cooking is through, your mineral salt slab will slowly return to room temperature for use as a cold serving plate.

Product Care Guide 

Please avoid making direct contact with the salt block for some time after cooking the meal, as it will take several hours to cool completely. It normally remains heated for 20-30 minutes after cooking.

Some rusting to the metal tray is normal due to being in contact with the salt slab, however sealed and is not considered as a defect in the item

Item specifications:

Approx. Weight- 5-8 Kg

Length 31cm

Width 21cm

Height 5cm


Maximum quantity available reached.
Product Description

Your desk is never complete without a light for when the sun sets. You can't go wrong with this USB selenite lamp, This beautiful selenite lamp provides you with a calm and pleasing light wherever it is set up.

Please be advised that due to the handcrafted nature of our Selenite products, all sizes are estimates and can vary +/- 1cm in size. Please bear this in mind when making your selection as we're unable to accept this as a fault in the item.


  • This lamp has a feature to change the colours.
  • It has three shades of white light.
  • It has the best function to control the brightness.
  • Each colour has five brightness levels.

Dimensions : 

Length - 23cm
Width -  7.5cm
Height - 7.5cm

Maximum quantity available reached.
Product Description

Introducing the ultimate chess set for those who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of handmade products. This exquisite, handcrafted chess set is crafted from natural onyx and white marble, creating a visually stunning contrast that will catch the eye.

Each piece in this set is lovingly created by skilled artisans, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. While this may result in slight variations in the finish, it is precisely these imperfections that make each piece unique and give it character.

Beautiful Handmade Chess Set for Everyone
With a size of 15 inches (38cm), this chess set is large enough to make a statement in any room. It is not just a game but also a work of art, and its weight of around 9kg confirms that.

The onyx and white marble chess set is not just a gameboard; it is also a conversation piece. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a grandmaster, whether having a game over a light discussion or a serious battle of witts, this set will provide you with the medium to play chess as you deem fit. Imagine the hours of entertainment and intellectual stimulation you’ll get by playing with friends and family while admiring the handcrafted pieces’ beauty. The onyx and white marble complement each other perfectly, making it easy to distinguish the opposing sides on the board, and the quality of the pieces is evident as soon as you hold them in your hand.

So, if you’re looking for a chess set that is both functional and visually stunning, the onyx and white marble handcrafted chess set is an excellent choice; this is for you, whether you’re a serious player or just enjoy the occasional game. Plus, with its unique handmade design, you can be certain that it will be a conversation starter and a treasured possession for years to come.

Item Specifications :

Length - 15"
Width - 15"

Approximate weight - 9Kg

$167.00 $212.00
Maximum quantity available reached.