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Selenite crystal takes its name from the Greek goddess Selene, the daughter of Hyperion and Thea, who is often depicted riding a horse or winged chariot with a lunar crescent as a crown upon her head symbolic of the crown chakra over which she has so much influence.

The Greeks not only believed she symbolised the moon but was the embodiment of the moon itself and thus selenite shares the healing energy and luminosity of lunar power. Selenite can be found in multiple varieties and colours and each one is believed to have subtle differences in its properties and uses.

Selenite Products

Selenite crystal can be an important part of your environment and therefore comes in a number of different forms. For those who wish to improve their sleep, a selenite lamp, cleansing bowl or tealight holder may be the perfect addition to the bedroom or living space. Our selenite cleansing bowls, which are amongst our best-sellers, would be the perfect addition to the workplace, promoting harmony facilitating connection and ensuring that feelings of inadequacy or hesitancy are banished.

White selenite stones are a beautiful thing to touch enabling you to connect with their tactile beauty and potency. Similarly, a selenite crystal heart is something you can carry around and treasure forever.

Selenite is such an amazing stone that it can actually boost the energy of other crystals, which is why you may want to invest in a beautiful selenite charging plate or charging crystal sphere.

We also have a range of stunning sculpted pieces of selenite that would enhance any room, from a curvy sensual spiral. to a stunning selenite display crystal in fishtail form.


What does selenite do?

Selenite crystal can be used for a wide range of conditions but its main purpose is to cleanse and purify. It’s an extremely useful object when it comes to clearing away negative energy and stagnation and it is often used to create a much calmer atmosphere. It is also a wonderfully spiritual stone that can put you in touch with a higher frequency. In fact, it is said that selenite can be a direct link to our spirit guides, connecting us to the angelic realm. Selenite can also cleanse and charge other crystals and stones because of its powerful metaphysical properties and the ability to recharge itself.

What is selenite made of?

Selenite crystals are one of several types of minerals called gypsum and are formed over millions of years from evaporated saltwater.

What can I use selenite for?

Selenite is useful in so many ways. Placing your selenite close to your workspace can have a positive effect on everything you do but it also facilitates connection and gets rid of any feelings of inadequacy or hesitancy you might feel. Or you may want to use it to help in your meditation practice. There are also some people who feel it alleviates feelings of anxiety and helps them with their mental wellbeing.

What are selenite’s healing properties?

Selenite is also good for bringing healing energy to emotions. It is said to calm and stabilize our feelings, banishing jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, It can restore physical balance and is also an excellent aid to memory.

It has been used to treat anxiety and depression.

Selenite can also be used more generally, not just for any specific condition, in effect ensuring that you stay protected and connected to the world around you.

Will selenite help me regain my energy?

Selenite can help unblock chakras (the various energy centres in your body that correspond to specific nerve bundles and internal organs). There are seven major chakras that run from the base of your spine to the top of your head and if these energy centres get blocked, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra. If you place your selenite over these you may find you are able to unblock these energy centres.

Can selenite work while you sleep?

Yes, that’s why many people use it for preventing nightmares and promoting a deeper more peaceful sleep.

Where does selenite originate?

Selenite can be found all over the globe and has been discovered in places like Mexico, Poland, Russia, Greece, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and the United States all of which are rich in this mystical mineral. In the UK it can be found in areas such as Derbyshire and Suffolk. Selenite crystals sometimes attach to sedimentary rock but are also found independently in areas rich with clay.


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