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Selenite is a crystalized form of gypsum that has been used for centuries as a powerful cleanser and purifier. It transmits high frequency vibration that is associated with the crown chakra and is also used for accessing the angelic plane. Selenite is also regarded as a healing crystal that can dispel negativity and even depression. When used in meditation for example it can help provide clarity and connect you to your higher self and while we cannot claim it will fix everything, its importance is undisputed by those who work with this incredible mineral.

How is a selenite bowl used

When you handle different kinds of crystals you’ll notice that they may become dull or even unable to work in the way that they should. This is because most crystals are receptive to the environment and can absorb unwanted energies. Selenite on the other hand does not need to be cleansed and that is why it is used to recharge other stones. This is why a selenite bowl is recommended as the place to keep any other crystals you may have in your possession.

There are two types of selenite bowls and  they serve different functions. Our selenite cleansing bowls come in varying sizes while our selenite charging bowls are also available in a variety of appealing forms such as moon shaped, freeform, oval and heart shape.

Charging bowls and cleansing bowls are thought to be interchangeable but in fact they both perform different functions. Cleansing bowls are used to clear crystals of any bad vibes or stagnant energy, whereas charging bowls are used to replace energy that has been depleted through constant usage.


How do I recharge my crystals?

Place your crystals or crystal jewellery in a selenite bowl and they will recharge overnight.

Does selenite need to be charged?

No. Selenite is renowned for being self charging, however, as it is connected to the moon and blessed by the power of moon goddess Selene, bathing it in the light of a full moon may be a beautiful way to feel that heavenly connection.

How often do I need to recharge my crystals?

It depends on how often they are used. For example seldomly used crystals can be recharged monthly, while those in frequent use should be placed in a selenite charging bowl once a week.

Is there a limit to how long I keep my  crystals in a selenite bowl?

No there isn't. Your selenite bowl is the perfect environment for your crystals to flourish so you can keep them there and they will charge continuously.

Does a selenite bowl have the same healing effects as other forms of selenite?

Yes. Your selenite bowl emits the same kind of high vibration as any other form of selenite and therefore it can emit its healing powers as well as cleanse or recharge your crystals.

Where is the best place to display my selenite bowl?

Many crystal practitioners suggest you place your selenite bowl in the bedroom to enhance its peace and tranquility

How do I know when a stone is cleansed?

You should experience greater energy being transmitted from the stone and it should also feel physically lighter to the touch.



Selenite Cleansing Bowls

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