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Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

Product Description

Looking for a unique and stylish way to improve your indoor air quality? Check out our beautiful Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps!

These hand-carved lamps are made from 100% pure pink Himalayan salt, and slowly ionise the air to suppress particulates and impurities.

They make the perfect gift for asthma sufferers, and are also hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture from their surroundings. So if you notice your lamp is looking a bit damp, don't worry - it's perfectly natural! Just leave it switched on for as long as possible to help dry it out. And thanks to the low wattage bulbs, you won't see a spike in your electricity bills.

This Himalayan salt lamp is available in a selection of sizes: 

  • 1-2kg
  • 2-3kg
  • 3-4kg
  • 4-6kg
  • 7-9kg
  • 9-12kg

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