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Himalayan Salt lamp - Oval/Egg

Product Description

The Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp made from pure Himalayan rock salt which is exclusively mined in Pakistan. The lamp, when illuminated gives off gentle hues ranging from amber to pink, depending on the colour of the salt.

The salt lamps not only provide a warm ambience to any room but more importantly offer a great number of health benefits including purifying the air, improving sleep, reducing stress and promoting general sense of wellbeing. It gradually ionizes the air and removes microscopic dust particles which makes it an excellent product for asthma sufferers.

The lamps can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. The anti-bacterial nature of the salt means that it does not require any other form of cleaning.

Please note that this is a hand carved object. Each piece is different and so it is possible that the item you receive may not match the one in the picture.

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