How to cleanse selenite

Selenite cleansing can be one of two things. It can mean the purification of the crystal itself but also its inherent power to cleanse other crystals too.

Many crystal workers consider selenite to be one of the most important tools they possess, powerful enough to heal, improve wellbeing, provide protection and clear away unwanted energies.

But before you begin to unravel it’s mystic powers it’s advisable to get to know your selenite so that you can use it correctly and one of the first things you should know is how and why it should be cleansed.

Do you need to clean selenite?

Firstly let’s explore the nature of selenite…

Selenite, or satin spar, desert rose, gypsum flower, which are different forms of this stone are crystal habit varieties of the mineral gypsum. All varieties of gypsum, including selenite and alabaster, are composed of calcium sulphate dihydrate which is marked by its multifaceted appearance and pearly lustre. One of the major properties of selenite is its ability to be self-cleansing, however that doesn’t mean it should never undergo a cleansing process.

If there is one time you should cleanse your selenite, it is when you first start using it. Think of it as a spiritual detox. Just as you’d wash anything after it has been handled by someone else or it's been in  constant use, then crystals need cleansing so that they aren’t clogged up with bad vibes. The way selenite works is by storing up energy and emitting information through frequency and vibration. This means that any blockage will affect its potency. Your selenite may carry negative energies even before it reaches you. Maybe it will have become contaminated from the places it has been stored, or has taken on negative energies from the people who have had it in their possession. Once this happens it will not behave in the way it should and this is why cleansing prior to using your selenite is so essential.

Another reason for selenite cleansing is to reprogram your crystals with renewed intentions. The freshly charged energy of your selenite will be the foundation for absorbing new goals.

As selenite is essentially one of the most used crystals when it comes to spiritual work it needs to be cleansed of every other influence. Once it has been restored, it can help you find peace and increase clarity. This is why it is used extensively in meditation, reiki healing and other energy work. Selenite cleansing means optimising its properties, clearing the mind and helping you to hone in on your goals.

selenite cleansing

However, a word of caution. When we talk of selenite cleansing we don’t mean it should be done in a conventional sense. In fact, one of the things you should not do is submerge it in water for any length of time. This is because of its chemical composition. Any contact with water longer than a few seconds can result in its disintegration because it has a low hardness of 2 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.

How do I clean my selenite crystals?

Selenite cleansing isn’t simply a case of washing your crystals. What you have to keep focusing on is that this is a powerful medium with properties that no other crystal has. You can’t place it in water but there are other, safe ways in which you will be able to ensure that it has the purity to channel the forces you need for any task.

The safest ways to cleanse selenite include:

Smoke cleansing

A popular way to cleanse selenite is by passing the crystal through the smoke of a burning sage bundle. The smoke is said to clear away any negative energy and also have the ability to cleanse your own energy field that surrounds it. Some practitioners also use an incense stick to achieve a similar result, although certain natural herbs and plants like pine, juniper and cedar can ramp up the effects.

Sound cleansing

Often a gong or crystal singing bowl is used for meditation and deep relaxation purposes and that is the principle of selenite cleansing through sound. The idea is that it can be used to soothe the sensitive frequencies of your crystals. It makes sense when you think about it. Sound is another frequency and selenite operates on a high frequency so why wouldn’t sound work as a cleansing agent? Many practitioners use sound to break through the old energy and release the new. The kinds of instruments that  might be used for this include tuning forks, chimes, drums and quartz bowls. Selenite cleansing isn’t an exact science so it’s really all about what works for you and your crystal.


The mind is a powerful thing and as such it can be put to excellent use in the service of selenite cleansing. Stagnant energies can be banished just by using visualisation. The way this is done is by attaining a meditative state before envisioning a bright light beaming from your third eye chakra, basically the area in the middle of the forehead and between the eyes, in this way surrounding the crystal with the purity of the beam. By imagining this light as a powerful force against negative vibes, it is said you can cleanse your selenite. How will you know you’ve achieved this? Follow your own intuition and you should be able to reach the point where the crystal is sufficiently charged.

Sunlight cleansing

It also makes good logic to use the energy of the sun for selenite cleansing. Really when you consider how energising sunlight is, how it is vital for growth and strength it’s clear that it can also energise your selenite; however because selenite itself is so powerful, you should not leave it bathed in sunlight for more than 30 minutes.

Place it in the moonlight

This is one of the simplest ways of selenite cleansing. Not only is it a natural way to clean your selenite but it has a gorgeous synergy about it. 

Selenite has a connection to Greek mythology which is many centuries old. Its name is derived from the Greek word for “moonstone,” and it's associated with Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, so cleansing it in beautiful moonlight makes absolute sense. In the same way that sunlight energises your crystals the moon provides a cosmic cleanse to draw out and clear away any impurities and negative vibrations. Soaking up the moonlight is such a beautiful way to preserve your selenite’s integrity. It is also said that moonlight is so tremendously potent that even the darkest influences can be banished by an overnight moon bathe.

Brown rice

To do this, fill a bowl with dry brown rice and bury your stone beneath the grains. Dispose of the rice immediately after the cleansing, as the rice is said to have absorbed the energy you’re trying to eliminate.


Breathwork can also be an effective cleansing method.

To get started, hold the stone in your dominant hand. Focus on your intention for a moment and deeply inhale through your nostrils.

Bring the stone closer to your face and exhale short, forceful breaths through the nose and onto the stone to bring the stone to its highest vibration.

Does selenite cleanse and charge crystals?

Incredibly yes. It amplifies and purifies the energy of other crystals.

Can selenite cleanse other crystals?

Cleansing and charging crystals is essential for removing energy that has become blocked and refreshing their powers. For example, if stones that are used to protect you begin to store too much external energy then their power begins to diminish.

It's also important to cleanse crystals as soon as they come into your possession. You need to free them from the energy that they may have picked up on their journey to you.

Because of Selenite's self-cleansing properties, it's qualified to recharge other natural stones. The easiest way to do this is by using a selenite bowl.

When you handle different kinds of crystals you’ll notice that they may become dull or even unable to work in the way that they should. The reason for this is because most crystals are receptive to the environment and can absorb unwanted energies. Selenite on the other hand does not need to be cleansed and that is why it is used to recharge other stones. This can be achieved easily by using a  selenite bowl. Many of those who heal with crystals will recommend it as the place to keep any other crystals you may have in your possession.

cleansing selenite

There are two types of selenite bowls and they serve different functions. Our selenite cleansing bowls come in varying sizes while our selenite charging bowls are also available in a variety of appealing forms such as moon shaped, freeform, oval and heart shape.

Charging bowls and cleansing bowls are thought to be interchangeable but in fact they both perform different functions. Cleansing bowls are used to clear crystals of any bad vibes or stagnant energy, whereas charging bowls are used to replace energy that has been depleted through constant usage.

How to use selenite to cleanse crystals

Step-to-step guide on how to cleanse your crystals using a selenite bowl

  1. If you haven’t already got a selenite bowl then you need to invest in one. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but don’t be afraid to be guided by your intuition when you come to choosing one.
  2. Once you have your selenite bowl you can begin to cleanse the crystal in your possession.
  3. Place your crystals on the selenite bowl for a few hours.
  4. You can leave your crystals in your selenite bowl for as long as you wish as they will soak up selenite's incredible energy.
  5. You may want to use your selenite bowl as the place you keep your crystals and crystal jewellery. Not only will you know where they are but you’ll be continuously cleansing them.
  6. Because of their high vibration, selenite bowls can cleanse your favorite stones while bringing harmony to your home. Crystal therapists and Feng Shui consultants recommend homeowners display selenite bowls in their bedrooms to create a tranquil environment.

How long does it take to cleanse crystals on selenite?

The more often you use a stone, the more energy it collects. A good rule of thumb is to cleanse all of your stones at least once a month.

If an individual stone is feeling heavier than usual, go ahead and cleanse it. You don’t have to wait a certain amount of time between cleanings.

What is the best method for cleaning stones?

Find a method that you feel happy with and works for you and your practices. What works best for you may not work as well for someone else, so again follow what you intuitively feel.

You will know when your selenite has been cleansed as it should feel energetically and physically lighter to the touch.

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