How to cleanse your aura with a selenite wand

How to cleanse your aura with a selenite wand

Selenite is a uniquely beautiful crystal that is also one of the most remarkable materials on the planet. It is capable of myriad possibilities as it absorbs and purifies light energy. This is what gives it the power to heal. When you hold a piece of selenite it is like being in possession of pure, white light. This also makes it the perfect stone to use when you wish to cleanse your aura. We offer a range of Selenite products from lamps to cleansing bowls.

What is an aura?

You might have heard people use terms such as “she has a calming aura”, or “He had this aura that made me feel really uncomfortable”. If you think it sounds like an aura is a kind of force field you’d be right. The aura is an unseen spiritual energy field that surrounds your physical being.

There are seven auric layers surrounding your body these are:

Physical aura plane:

This aspect of your aura represents your physical wellbeing and it's the aura that is closest to your body.

Emotional aura plane:

The aura that expresses the emotional part of your being. It changes colour depending on how you are feeling and it can become blurred and indistinct when you’re in an emotional turmoil.

Mental aura plane:

This plane has a connection to logic, reasoning and thought processes.

Astral body aura plane:

This is the plane that governs your spiritual health. It's also where you store your capacity for love.

Etheric aura plane:

Your psychic abilities are embodied in this aura, which helps you to tap into other people’s energy. It’s the aura which helps us to connect with those on a similar wavelength too.

Celestial aura plane:

If you’re a highly creative person, the chances are that your celestial aura which governs your intuition and dreams will be strong.

Causal aura plane:

This aura plane brings together all the other layers and essentially helps guide you on your life's path.

Because your aura is susceptible to so much outside influence it can pick up on other people’s energies and while these can be good, they can also be bad and therefore it should be cleansed daily to promote your emotional and physical health. Cleansing your aura will prevent you from having negative thoughts and feeling drained of energy.

Cleansing aura with selenite wand

You can restore the purity of your aura in a number of ways but selenite is one of the most powerful ways in which to do this. Negative energy which your aura has absorbed from other people or things weighs you down but selenite brings light and positivity, leaving no room for negativity. Its form is also important as a pyramid for example will carry a different way to distribute energy than a sphere. For aura cleansing, the selenite wand is the perfect shape for performing the ritual of cleansing and recharging your aura field.

Why you should cleanse your aura with a selenite wand

  • Selenite connects you to the divine and bridges the gap between your physical body and higher self.

  • It restores light in your life and brings positive energy.

  • Selenite is so powerful that it is used to cleanse and re-energize other crystals. In the same way, it also expels unwanted, negative energy from our aura, especially energy that doesn’t belong to us.

  • When you cleanse your aura you need to feel safe and surrounded by good energy. Selenite’s high vibrations, its ability to bring harmony and soothe the mind ensures that you can feel secure and protected.

How to use your selenite wand for aura cleansing

You can use your selenite wand as an “energy eraser.” Do this by holding the wand about five inches away from you then starting from the top of your head. slowly run the crystal down through your body. As you do this, visualize the crystal taking in all the negativity, anxiety and worries from your day. And that’s it!

When you use a selenite wand in this way you are essentially following along the aura and you should actually be able to feel your energy changing. If you are new to aura cleansing, you might not experience this straight away but when you become attuned to it, you can feel your aura field and sense the energy of the crystal within it.