Most Recommended Gemstone Gifts for the Summer
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Most Recommended Gemstone Gifts for the Summer

Gemstones are the perfect gifts no matter the occasion, and the summer season is no exception. With the summer holidays just around the corner and families and friends planning to meet each other, it is the perfect occasion to gift your loved ones.

If you are a gemstone enthusiast, now is the time to share your love for gemstones with others by giving them a thoughtful gemstone gift.

Not everyone knows what the best gemstone gifts to give for the summer would be. To help you make up your mind, we will list our top recommendations for gemstone gifts for summer in this article, so keep reading.


YingYang Selenite Tealight Holder

Selenite Lamps

Selenite crystal is a semi-translucent crystal that pairs well with any external colour light and is a beautiful lamp when you add an internal light source. Selenite lamps are one of the most popular uses for this crystal, and they embody summer’s warmth, especially when paired with yellow light.

Gemstone Gifts makes selecting a suitable selenite lamp to gift your loved ones easy. There are multiple colour options, and you can get selenite lamps as a stand-alone piece in sets of 2 and three, making them a great decorative item for the recipient.


Unique Selenite Lamp

Onyx Ornaments

Onyx is a popular gemstone known for its attractive patterns and colour. When our expert artisans turn this crystal into well-crafted ornaments, they become the most giftable gemstone creations. The sheer effort and skill of making onyx ornaments by hand are reflected in the quality and finish of these ornaments, which are available exclusively at Gemstone Gifts.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to ornaments. You can get these ornaments: tea holders, kitchen roll holders, ashtrays, chopping boards, and our best-selling tea coasters. If you know someone who owns some gemstones, our onyx jewellery box would be a useful gift.


black tumblestones


Tumeblstones made out of pure gemstones are an excellent gift for someone who appreciates nature and things in their raw form. Tumblestones are not just beautiful to look at but can also help relieve anxiety and be used for fidgeting. You use a tumblestone in so many ways that it becomes the most versatile gift you can give to a gemstone enthusiast this summer.

Even if the person you are giving the tumble stones to isn’t familiar with the gemstone collecting hobby, they are the perfect way to get them started on this hobby. Gemstone Gifts offers the most extensive range of tumble stones in the UK, with tumbled stones made from the most beautiful and authentic crystal varieties available in bulk.


Selenite Charging Plate

Charging Plates

Gemstones don’t just look good; they also contain natural healing properties that can be amplified by charging plates. Charging plates are an excellent gift for anyone who already owns gemstones, or you can give them a combination of a charging plate and a special gemstone. Charging plates are made out of a specific type of gemstone, and the most common stone used to make these plates is selenite due to its high vibrational energy.

So when gemstones are placed on selenite charging plates, they recharge and regain their healing properties. Gemstone Gifts has the purest selenite charging plates in multiple shapes, styles, and patterns, which are perfect for gifting this summer.


Stonechip Bracelet

Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery matches summer fashion due to its designs and patterns. Not to mention, jewellery made out of gemstones is colourful, which goes well with the summer season. Gemstone Gifts specializes in stone chip jewellery made by taking small pieces of pure semi-precious stone and threading them onto a specialized string to create beautiful jewellery pieces.

Gemstone enthusiasts are always looking for unique jewellery items, and Stonechip jewellery is as unique as it gets, making it a perfect gift. You don’t have to compromise on colour options either, as gemstone jewellery is made of a wide range of stones with different colours, including rose quartz, emerald, red tiger, opalite, and the lovely red jasper. Anyone wearing a stone chip jewellery piece instantly stands out as a tasteful and spiritual person, making them perfect for gifting this summer.


Selenite Display Pieces

Display pieces

One thing that gemstones are most widely used for is for decorative purposes. Display pieces made of gemstones are used as focal points of a space as they capture the viewer’s attention. So, display pieces made of pure crystals are our number one recommendation for summer gifts, as they are easy to incorporate into any interior style.

Next time you visit a relative or a friend this summer, bring them a gemstone display piece from Gemstone Gifts to make their summers feel much more special.



Gemstone Gifts brings you a wide selection of gift items to give you this summer, and we have shared our top recommendations in this article. If you still haven’t found the gift you were looking for, visit our website to browse our selection of Gemstone Gift items to find your perfect summer gift.