peach selenite stone

Peach Selenite: Benefits and uses

Peach selenite is a stone valued for its exceptional pure energy and healing properties.

Its mesmerising appearance isn’t the only thing to make it a standout addition to anyone’s crystal collection.

As well as possessing innate beauty, it possesses all of the protective qualities that are associated with heavenly selenite.


Is peach selenite natural?

Absolutely! This stunningly hued stone, which can range from a deep orange to a light peach, is entirely natural.

It matches selenite when it comes to effectiveness, but derives its colour from minerals which have come into contact with it over the thousands of years it has lain in the ground.

Peach selenite can be found in countries such as Morocco, Mexico and Russia.

It is essentially a form of gypsum – although it is a much lighter and more fragile stone. Consequently, this soft mineral has a beautiful natural luminescence that emanates exceptional pure energy, which makes it highly prized by energy healers.


How do you use peach selenite?

Carry it with you

Wearing a piece of peach selenite around your neck or placing it between you and anything giving off electromagnetic nasties, such as your mobile phone or laptop, can offer you protection.

If you don’t want to wear your peach selenite, you could carry a small stone in your pocket.

Sleep with it

Placing peach selenite under your pillow is said to help to cleanse your aura and calm you down when you are feeling emotional.

Use it to form a protective grid

By positioning pieces of peach selenite at each corner of your house or a room, it is said to form a protective grid that will help to get rid of negative energies.

When you are meditating

Peach selenite is the perfect stone to have by your side while you are practicing yoga, meditating, or just taking stock of things.

Meditation with peach selenite can also help you to connect with past lives and enhance the communication with your higher self or spirit guides.

To cleanse and balance your home or office

A peach selenite tower, wand or sphere will sweep away negative vibes and bring positive energy into your home and workplace.

To charge other crystals

Selenite is an important crystal because it can recharge and cleanse itself, and other crystals, you might have in your possession.

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What is peach selenite good for?

Peach selenite, like selenite has many incredible properties and there are many ways that you can use it.

Peach selenite’s metaphysical properties include:


  • It’s amazing for removing negative or unwanted energies from the environment. These could be anything that might make you feel unhappy and depressed.
  • Peach selenite can assist if you are finding that negative thoughts and energies are preventing you from moving forward and realising your goals
  • It can inspire you to you discover what you really desire in life
  • Give you strength during new beginnings
  • Can help you grow spiritually and mentally


What chakra is peach selenite?

Peach selenite governs the sacral chakra, which is located in the body’s pelvic area.

This hue is highly significant, and the energy it emits is sensual. However, it’s not just an energy bringing pleasure to the body.

The combination of selenite’s life enhancing properties and peach selenite also helps us to nurture ourselves in a gentle and positive way. It can help us find wisdom and lead to a much more blissful experience.

To cleanse the sacral chakra, place your peach selenite into a mister and let the water absorb the stone’s properties overnight, after which you can spray around the body for aura cleansing.

Is peach selenite and orange selenite the same?

In physicality, they are from the same family.

Selenite, satin spar, desert rose, gypsum flower are crystal habit varieties of the mineral gypsum.

All varieties of gypsum, including selenite and alabaster, are composed of calcium sulphate dehydrate.

However, each has its own unique power. Orange selenite, because of the presence of hematite – a mineral which contains ferric oxide – is a more grounding stone than the softer peach version.


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