What are the benefits of selenite?

What are the benefits of selenite?

Selenite is thought to be one of the most significant crystals you can have in your possession.

Folklore and wisdom spanning centuries considers it to be one of the most important crystals for health. But its healing powers are only part of its story.

At its most flawless it will appear translucent and pure and carry an energy of peace and tranquility that is soothing to the mind and soul.

Selenite is seen not only as a potent force for wellbeing but also connects us to the angelic realm and helps us see things with greater clarity. It recharges everything around it which is why other crystals benefit from its incredible presence.

What is selenite used for?

Selenite’s spiritual meaning is rejuvenation and divine feminie energy, which makes it an important tool for those who work with crystals.

Selenite gets its name from the Greek goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon. It has other names too - the satin spar, Maria glass, or desert rose.

It is said that it has a powerful energy which can be an immense force when it comes to well-being and can clear all undesirable vibrations from the atmosphere.

When we become aware of its energy it’s as if all our worries and negative thoughts are cleansed away by its power, leaving us in a more peaceful and relaxed frame of mind.

How can it do this? Well selenite is derived from gypsum formed when sulfate and calcium-rich saltwater evaporates and that is where it derives its health-giving properties. There are claims that selenium which is selenite in trace element form possesses chemicals which are much needed for the human body to thrive and survive.

While there is little or no scientific evidence to back up claims for selenite benefits to heal and bring peace, there are many whose faith in its properties have yielded positive results.

Selenite is used for a number of reasons including:

Nurture peace and calm

This it is claimed is due to the frequency at which it operates. It’s a wonderful crystal to introduce anywhere there may be dispute or friction, or maybe to help you through a rocky patch in a relationship.

Bring clarity to a situation

Some people believe that the uber high frequency at which selenite vibrates clears away the paths to our intuition, so if you need to focus and see things more clearly then selenite can possibly help you. That’s why it is such a beautiful material to have in the home or workplace.

Increase positivity

All this wonderful energy circulates from selenity according to devotees of the crystal. The result is to feel revitalised and more positive. This positive energy is said to be felt everywhere as it recharges you and your surroundings.

Clear blocked energy

When your energy is blocked you can feel lethargic and depressed but selenite’s super high frequency may act to unblock energy. Feel your spirits soar!

Enhance connection with others

There can be moments when we want to be alone with our thoughts but if we are experiencing feelings of isolation then it’s time to use selenite to help you to connect. The vibrations from this extraordinary crystal can make that possible.

Strengthen power of manifestation

For those who believe that if you focus positively on the things you want and desire then the universe will make them manifest. By using selenite you may be able to enhance those powers of manifestation.

Cleanses space

The ultra high vibrations emitted by this extraordinary crystal recharges any space which is why it is so good for the home. It's a wonderful thing to bring with you when you are switching residences and want to generate positive vibes throughout your new living space.

Spiritual rejuvenation

Did you know that the moon is recharged every day by the light of the sun? Indeed, just like the moon, selenite works by channelling energy and distributing it to those who need it most.

Access to past and future lives

If you are seeking access to your past or future lives, selenite benefits could help as they are powerful enough to unlock the intuition which may guide us through space and time.

Helps with meditation

Selenite benefits include the ability to instil calm and serenity which is why it is used by many in the practice of meditation and work in the spiritual realm.

Eliminates free radicals

Those higher frequencies can even reverse the effects of free radicals according to some. These are the nasties which cause changes in the cell structure that result in tumours, age spots, wrinkles and light sensitivity.

Heals and balances your chakra

With the fine and high vibrational energy that selenite possesses, it is believed to heal and balance the third eye and crown chakra - this is considered to be the fountainhead of the human body from where new and optimistic thoughts emanate and all the negativities are driven out. It is said to connect you to God and open up your spiritual realm.

Selenite works best…

In the bedroom. You can place selenite by your bed stand, near or under your bed or place a crystal beneath your pillow and the gentle energy which is emitted overnight should promote a deep and restful sleep.

Types of selenite crystals

Selenite is essentially gypsum which also comes in varieties including satin spar, desert rose and alabaster found deep in the caves of Mexico, Morocco and Madagascar, In their raw crystal form they can be as long as 35 feet. The largest specimen found in the Naica Mine's Cave of the Crystals was a mighty beast measuring 12 metres long and weighing a massive 55 tons.

Different types of selenite crystals can be distinguished by their structural composition, however in spite of their differences all types of selenite crystals may be grouped together and used as selenite.

Selenite can be identified by its clear almost transparent appearance whereas the very similar variety, satin spar is more fibrous and milkier to look at.

Selenite can be found as colourless, white, grey, brown, beige, orange, pink, yellow, light red, green. Selenite and satin spar basically have the same chemical compound which is CaSO4 · 2H2O (Hydrous calcium sulfate).

The reason selenite crystals can be translucent, opaque and different colours is caused by the presence of other minerals, sometimes in druse (a crust of tiny, minute, or micro crystals that form or fuse either within or upon the surface of a rock vug, geode, or another crystal).

The types of selenite that are available sound confusing but whichever you are drawn to will most often be the one that is “calling out” to you. Basically, if you are attracted to a certain type of selenite then that is the one you should go with.

One thing is agreed by those who understand its powers and that is it is the one stone that you should treat as an absolute essential. This is because not only does it recharge you it also re-energises other crystals. Selenite itself never needs cleansing or recharging because of its ultra high vibration. It is with this that negative energy is swept away and a healthy stream of pure energy is allowed to flow. So no matter what kind of selenite crystals you are drawn to, selenite benefits will abound.

Types of selenite

Satin spar

Characteristics: Not as clear to look at as selenite, it’s characterised by a more silky, fibrous, and pearly or milky appearance. It may also be tinged with colour. Some types of satin spar are not selenite at all however as the name can also be applied to fibrous calcite - a calcium mineral related to selenite – calcite is harder and feels more waxy when you touch it.

Desert rose

Characteristics: It’s distinctive rosette shape and colouring is what gives this variant its name. A type of gypsum it can have an outer druse of sand or it may be infused with sand throughout giving it its rosy sandy colouration. The name desert rose can also be applied to barite desert roses (another related sulfate mineral). Barite is a harder mineral with higher density. It is believed to have an inherent spiritual guide and is used in shamanic ritual.

Gypsum flower

This is also a rosette shaped gypsum and has spreading fibres. Gypsum flower can include outer druse as well but it differs from desert rose in that the latter desert roses look like roses, whereas gypsum flowers form a lot of different kinds of patterns.

Selenite comes in different forms too each with specific functions

  • Stick or wand

Use a selenite wand to cleanse your aura and remove low vibration energy.

  • Slabs, sheets and tumbled selenite

By holding a piece of selenite you can find clarity of thought. It helps you to connect with your own inner voice.

  • Sphere

A sphere of selenite will radiate its magnificent vibrations in every direction, working like a dome of healing light.

  • Tower

Helps to connect to the higher self.

Are there any side effects from selenite?

Selenite is a safe crystal to have around although like most substances it can be hazardous depending upon how you handle it.

Warning! Selenite (calcium sulfate) is not the same as sodium selenite (the ion) although as they both have names so similar then it would be easy to mix up the two.

Sodium selenite is actually classified as a hazardous substance and should not be breathed in or ingested in any way. If it is then it  could cause short term effects such as irritation and burning of the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. Long term effects could include damage to an unborn baby, the reproductive organs, and damage to the liver/kidneys.

But if you acquire your crystals from a reputable source then it is unlikely that you'll be faced with the prospect of encountering something as hazardous as sodium selenite.

It is also unlikely that you will get the raw material in your eyes or mucus membranes, however if you do this can also cause a reaction so any selenite dust should be wiped away.

Anyone who has ever tried to bathe with their crystals will have discovered that selenite is actually water soluble and there is no evidence that if you do this it will cause you any harm, however some people believe that they can dissolve selenite in water to drink it. However this so-called ‘gem water’ or crystal water’ may not be a great idea. The power of your selenite is something you can experience without ever ingesting it.

Why we love selenite

There are times in our lives when we have to deal with stressful or worrying situations. Maybe you’re someone who has suffered a bereavement or caring for a loved one. You might feel you can cope but need a little help.  It could be that you feel drained of energy, tired, depressed, or angy, or perhaps the demands of life are just dragging you down. In such situations you require something to boost those energy levels. If we have more energy, we feel we can get on top of things a lot more and are just more able to cope.

Selenite’s stellar vibrations can help beat that inner fatigue by helping boost your energy levels and if you are lacking in quality sleep it just may fix that too.

Selenite is a natural way to re-charge and attain a healthier way of living, which is one reason it’s such a wonderful crystal to have around you.

There are so many reasons for you to love it.