The most common issues with Himalayan Salt Lamps
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himalayan salt lamps

The most common issues with Himalayan Salt Lamps

We choose our crystals for a reason. They seem to resonate with us in some indefinable way and the more we use them, and they help us heal the greater their importance they have in our lives. The same goes for our Himalayan salt lamps, so that when we find they don’t work as well as they used to, we can not only feel the sadness associated with breaking something you love but a feeling of loss too.

Is my Himalayan salt lamp broken?

Firstly, you have to work out whether your Himalayan salt lamp is broken or just malfunctioning because, for example, it has been placed in an area of the home that is unsuitable.

Identify issues

The Himalayan salt lamp is broken into pieces

If your Himalayan salt lamp has been accidentally broken into pieces, then there is something you can do about it. Natural rock lamps are created from pure Himalayan salt sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. They take many millennia to form but are surprisingly fragile, susceptible to moisture and breakage. They can turn into small pieces of granulated salt chunks upon breaking up. If that is the case then they will be impossible to fix, however, if your lamp has broken into two pieces fixing is possible.

How to fix it

Use Pink Himalayan Salt Glue. A special material that has the power to glue Himalayan Pink Salt. The material in this tube is developed to connect salt bricks to build a salt wall and room. It can also be used to repair salt lamps. Himalayan Salt Adhesive to Glue Bricks - Himalayan Salterz

The lamp sweats and has a weeping or crying appearance

Himalayan salt is extremely prone to absorbing moisture from the environment. It is this property that gives it the ability to cleanse the atmosphere from environmental pollutants via a hydroscopic sweating process. The lamps then release clean moisture into the air and trap contaminants in the lamp. By doing this it can help rid the atmosphere of nasties which can exacerbate respiratory conditions such as asthma. The sweating problem arises when the lamp is exposed to too much moisture, for example, if it is being kept somewhere humid such as a kitchen, or by a window. It can also occur if left switched on for a more than 16 hours and becomes overheated.

How to fix it

Giving your Himalayan salt lamp a wipe with a slightly dampened cloth can be a simple solution to this problem. Do not use a wet cloth as this will dissolve the salt!

Firstly, ensure that the lamp gets plenty of switch on time. Himalayan salt lamps are an excellent aid to sleep and can be kept on throughout the night. They also benefit from being switched on for considerable lengths of time, however it isn’t a bad idea to switch them off

during daylight hours or when you don’t need them. You also need to move your Himalayan salt lamp away from anywhere that is humid, such as, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas and swimming pools. When you are not using your Himalayan salt lamp you should ensure that it is kept in the very best condition so if you aren’t using it unplug the cord and wrap it in a plastic bag before you store it to keep it moisture free.

The bulb burns too quickly

When this happens, you may see steam gathering around the bulb. This may be because the bulb is the wrong wattage, or there’s a crack in the lamp which has allowed moisture to seep in.

How to fix it

Check that you are using the correct wattage and type of bulb being used and make sure that you are using the correct one.

Your salt lamp isn’t purifying the air as it should

Maybe your air filtration system is preventing the lamp from generating the negative ions which are integral to purifying the air and ridding it from the positive ions which are the by-products of our modern lifestyle. When positive ions emitted by mobile phones, smart TVs laptops and other high-tech equipment gets into the atmosphere it can cause problems such as depression and insomnia. If your lamp isn’t having an effect on your mood, then maybe it is not purifying the air as it should.

How to fix it

Use a lamp that can cope with the air filtration in your home. You can do this by investing in a larger lamp, or place Himalayan salt lamps at opposite ends of the room.

It looks dirty

Not broken but who wants a salt lamp that looks grubby? As well as attracting moisture the Himalayan salt lamp is prone to attracting dirt and can look dingy after prolonged use. This is due to its warmth. The heated lamp will attract dirt and need cleaning eventually.

How to fix it

One problem with Himalayan salt lamps is that they cannot be plunged into soapy water for a good wash. You need to treat them with much more care than that. Firstly, don’t forget to switch the lamp off an unplug it. Allow it to cool down and then get to work with a soft sponge or cloth, then gently wipe it down. After you have done this, dry it with something like a microfibre cloth – one that won’t deposit fluff on the surface. You can then leave it plugged in for a while so that it heats up and any remaining water droplets are dispelled.

Preventing them from breaking in the future

The secret to maintaining your salt lamp’s longevity is by looking after it. Take care of it and it will take care of you!

There are several ways you can do this; you can keep it glowing for around 16 hours a day and in this way, you can prevent it from sweating moisture. Well, who wouldn’t want to have their lovely salt lamp on for as long as possible, knowing the benefits that it can bestow? You also need to clean it regularly by wiping it with a damp cloth. In addition, you need to ensure that it is in the correct place in the home. Remember that humid locations such as bathrooms and kitchens will attack it with moisture. Leaving it beside a window or outside will also have a harmful effect. If it is very humid or raining it may be best to leave your lamp on so that the moisture on its surface is evaporated.

Be realistic too. The nature of Himalayan salt is that it attracts moisture, and this can be lost

over time. If you don’t want to risk the prospect of it leaking out onto a precious table, then ensure it is displayed on a mat or plate.

Buying replacements

There are times when you might have to say goodbye to your beloved Himalayan salt lamp and buy a replacement. Don’t throw the old one away though. There are ingenious ways in which it can be repurposed. For example, the broken pieces could be dissolved and used as a foot soak, or even bath salt.

If you want to buy a replacement lamp, then you have a wonderful opportunity to choose one that meets all your criteria. At Gemstone Gifts there are beautiful Himalayan lamps that are just waiting for you. We have them in all kinds of pf designs and styles, from crystal ball and heart shaped, to USB lamps which change colour and even ones shaped as angels. The crystal salt which is used to create our beautiful lights is taken from underground mines in Khewra, Pakistan, found on the western edge of the Himalayan Mountains as we know that only the correctly sourced mineral will be beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

If you need a replacement Himalayan salt lamp because you are wondering “Is my Himalayan salt lamp broken?” and our guide above cannot help you to fix it, then why not take a look at our range of new lamps here Himalayan Salt Products – Gemstone Gifts ltd.

We are sure you will find the perfect one for you!