selenite healing properties

What are the healing properties of selenite crystals?

What is selenite?

Selenite’s infinite beauty radiates in its pale, pearly and iridescent purest form.

This intriguing crystal is named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon and the daughter of Hyperion, and Thea, whose beauty held men spellbound.

She had the power to light up the night, and possessed a personality that ebbed and flowed very much like the moon itself.

Ancient images of the goddess depict her riding a horse or winged chariot with a lunar crescent as a crown upon her head, symbolic of the crown chakra over which she has so much influence.

Some types of selenite are also known as the Satin Spar, Maria Glass, or Desert Rose, and  selenite’s many incarnations can be found in multiple varieties and colours.

Each one is believed to have subtle differences in its properties and uses:

  • Blue selenite: This is said to help you see through any trickery or illusion because it harnesses intuitive powers with intellectual knowledge.
  • Green selenite: When a selenite stone emits a green hue it may be beneficial to those seeking better self-esteem and wellness.
  • Orange or Orange/brown selenite: Encourages a friendly, productive atmosphere and therefore it has plenty of uses in the home or workplace.
  • Peach selenite: is used as a karmic cleanser to draw out healing and forgiveness. It is particularly inspiring for women going through changes in their lives such as puberty, childbirth or menopause,connecting them to the wisdom of divine female power.

However, every hue of selenite will serve each need and every intention you set for yourself. This is because it is a sacred stone, and is seen as possessing a symbolic attachment to angels and the higher planes of existence - allowing us to communicate with the heavens better.

Selenite Charging Plate - 20cm


As you delve deeper into the ‘story’ of this incredible stone, its mysteries will unfold and you’ll unearth more of its infinite wisdom and healing.

Those who know it, adore its ability to soothe instantly and protect, bringing harmony, and soul healing to the body, mind, and the home.

It is also the gemstone of purification and protection.

One celebrity crystal devotee is Kim Kardashian West, who turned to their healing powers following her trauma of being robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

The megastar told chat show host Ellen De Generes that was what inspired her to use crystals in her perfume line, KKW Fragrance.

"It's about calmness, healing, and good energy," she said, perfectly encapsulating what selenite is all about.

What does selenite do?

Selenite not only transfixes the human gaze with its beauty, but it is believed to have many wonderful healing and spiritual properties.

Bring it into your life, and it is said you will be able to connect to a higher frequency and tune into the universe.

However, it can also bring purity and a peacefulness that allows you to stay grounded in the world in which we live.

It is an especially important mineral when it comes to clearing away bad energy.

Maybe you feel that you’re stagnating in dead air, that everything around you feels dark and stuffy?

If that is the case you need something to clear the energy and raise the vibrations in your environment.

Selenite will do so in its inimitable way.


Selenite is a stone with the capacity to purify and cleanse the environment, making it an ideal way to get rid of any negative energy, enhance focus, and create calm in a space.

Hence, it can have a profound effect in both the workplace and at home.

Maybe you feel bad vibes in an office after a dispute, or perhaps you’ve moved into a new home and want to rid it of any unsettling feelings?

Selenite is a powerful way to cleanse and renew a space.

Take a selenite bowl or lamp into the office, and not only will it enhance your work area, it will bring with it selenite’s infinite ability to purify.


As well as creating peace and calm in a space, selenite can impact the mind and body, which is why many people use it when they are meditating, or communing spiritually.

It can also work while you are asleep, so it is very useful if you are prone to disturbed slumbers or nightmares.

Enhances team spirit

Selenite’s ability to improve camaraderie and connect people to each other is another reason why you might want to position it in the workplace.

Clears blocked energy

Blocked energy can detrimentally affect your mental state, and the upshot can be a range of  problematic issues, such as codependency, manipulative behaviours, feeling of unworthiness, and an inability to trust.

Selenite, because it vibrates at an ultra high frequency, is said to have the power to raise the spirit and clear any energy that has become blocked.

Increases intuition

Once you come under the peaceful influence of selenite, you’ll become calmer and have more energy, paving the way to be more in touch with your inner voice.

Memory enhancer

Purification of the mind and spirit means the conduits through which we access memory will be open and more receptive.

Promotes balance

Harmony in the body and mind will promote physical balance - a good reason to bring selenite into your yoga practice perhaps?

Enhances other crystals

Selenite can actually ramp up the power of other crystals in its presence.

How to use selenite

Your first step is to make a connection with this beautiful crystal.

You can do this by holding it in your hand, feeling its soft almost ethereal texture, before inhaling and exhaling deeply several times.

It is also a good idea to intone either out loud, or in your head, an affirmation about what you want to from your selenite.

For example, your affirmation could be: ‘I feel my energy flowing freely’ or ‘I am peaceful and calm.’ 

Afterwards, you can use it in so many ways.

  1. In meditation - The purity, clarity and peacefulness engendered by selenite keeps us attuned to the greater good of all beings. It is used for opening one to the higher levels of self, which is why it is so perfect for meditation.
  2. For spirituality - Selenite connects us to our most ancient inner selves and our innate wisdom and is one of the best crystals for accessing one’s spirit guides and the angelic realm
  3. At work - Placing your selenite close to your workspace can positively affect everything you do, but it also facilitates connection and gets rid of any feelings of inadequacy or hesitancy you might feel.
  4. Placing it over chakras - Chakras refer to various energy centers in your body that correspond to specific nerve bundles and internal organs. The seven major chakras run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. If these energy centers get blocked, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra. If you place your selenite over these you may find you are able to unblock these energy centres.

Selenite Charging Plate with chakra stones

Selenite is associated with the crown chakra as Selene, the moon goddess, loves to wear a crown of the crescent moon itself on her head.

The crown chakra relates to

  • higher consciousness
  • manifestation
  • creative energy.

It may also work for conditions such as anxiety, but is usually used alongside other treatments you may have been offered by a healthcare professional rather than solely on its own.

Where does selenite come from?

Selenite has an incredible global connectivity because it derives from all over the world.

Places like Mexico, Poland, Russia, Greece, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and the United States are rich in this mystical mineral, and in the UK it can be found in areas such as Derbyshire and Suffolk.

Selenite crystals sometimes attach to sedimentary rock but are also found independently in areas rich with clay.

The original name was given to the mineral by the Swedish scientist J.G. Wallerius (1709-1785) in his 1747 book Mineralogia, eller Mineralriket.

The mining specialist was the first person to present minerals systematically according to their chemical properties rather than their external appearance, which opened a new era in mineralogy.

However, the first historical signs of selenite were actually found in Mesopotamia, originating thousands of years ago.

Archaeologists found that selenite was one of the chief building blocks of sick rooms as it was believed they would cleanse out evil spirits.

What is selenite made of?

Selenite crystals are one of several types of mineral called gypsum and are formed over millions of years from evaporated saltwater.

The saltwater builds up, and leaves a layer of salt when it evaporates.

This process continues over many millennia until the water’s high concentration of saline solution and the presence of gypsum causes crystallisation.

Although selenite is usually colourless, it can be formed around particles of sand and other minerals which gives it a pinkish tan colour.

Many believe that gypsum stone is composed of rays of divine light, and that means that any evil energy it absorbs will be ejected away.

What does selenite symbolise?

The power, lustre, and mystery of the moon is reflected in this ethereal mineral which derives its name and properties from the goddess Selene.

To the Greeks Selene was believed  to be the Moon itself and she, like her crystal, embodies love, light, tranquility, creativity and a higher consciousness.

It is also believed to contain the liquid Light of Spirit, a liminal space between light and matter.

It is said to operate at a high frequency, and possesses an intensity of energy that is more powerful than any other activating the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras.

What healing properties does selenite have?

Selenite’s healing properties are in abundance.

The peace-inducing attributes of this stone mean it can be used to encourage calm throughout pregnancy.

Because the goddess Selene is also associated with childbearing, it may be used to attract love and fertility.

Its ability to energise the body and clear blockages means it is often used in physical healing., for example, in aligning the spinal column.

It is used to strengthen the core and make muscles more flexible.

Selenite is also good for bringing healing energy to the emotions.

It is said to calm and stabilise our feelings, banishing jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, and self-doubt.

It can also be used to help us to move on from a life we may feel has stagnated.

This is one of the best crystals around to clear congested energies or negativity from one’s physical being.

Its calming influence is also used to treat conditions such as insomnia and nightmares.

It can restore physical balance and is also an excellent aid to memory.

It has been used to treat anxiety and depression.

Selenite can also be used more generally, not just for any specific condition, in effect ensuring that you stay protected and connected to the world around you.

This is because it influences the crown chakra located at the top of the head.

This is the chakra through which we gain insight into the universe and how we react to the wider world.

It is the fountainhead of our beliefs and source of spirituality, all of which have been found to be important to our sense of self and overall wellbeing.

Where to buy selenite near me?

The purity and beauty of selenite comes in many forms.

You can buy selenite lamps and bowls from Gemstone Gifts and tactile pieces of the mineral to hold and connect with. Buying pieces of selenite for friends may strengthen your connection to them, and it can also help you to reconnect with those who you are no longer in touch with.

Selenite Charging Crystal Sphere

So, whether you need to harness selenite healing properties, or want to attune yourself to a higher state of consciousness, explore our online collection to discover the beautiful world of selenite for yourself.