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Where is the best place to put your Himalayan salt lamp?

Which room is the best place to put a Himalayan salt lamp?

The short answer is the room that gets the most traffic, or the one you use the most. It stands to reason that the more activity that occurs in the room the greater the need for its unique purifying properties. We have a variety of Himalayan salt lamps for all purposes.

In the sitting room

The best place to put a Himalayan salt lamp is probably the one you spend more time in. This is usually the sitting room. A good place to position your lamp would be on a coffee table next to where you sit and watch TV or use your phone as it will help to reduce the electromagnetic pollution that your tech generates. This is great for combating fatigue and also helping you to unwind.

In the office

Many of us work from home these days and so will be generating plenty of electromagnetic pollution through use of computers and cell phones. By placing your Himalayan salt lamp close to your desk you will be helping boost the negative ions, which will give you more energy and help with your concentration.

In your quiet space

Anywhere you might choose to relax, be it a bedroom, garden room, or somewhere you like to meditate would be a really excellent place for your Himalayan salt lamp as it will create a soothing and relaxing environment and help you to wind down quickly.

In the nursery

Himalayan salt lamps make an excellent night light for children’s bedrooms and may help youngsters calm down before bedtime. However, they should be placed at a height that’s inaccessible to babies, as very young children may be tempted to lick the surface and if they ingest too much salt it can make them very ill. Also, position the lamp where there is no risk of a child pulling it down on top of them.

Anywhere someone smokes

Not many people do smoke in the home these days but if they do, then a Himalayan salt lamp may help to purify the air.


Which rooms are unsuitable for Himalayan salt lamps?

Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms are not suitable for Himalayan salt lamps as their high moisture levels will damage the surface.

You should also avoid leaving them switched on in empty unattended rooms. Apart from this being a pointless exercise, you may actually forget it’s there and while the lamp’s low wattage bulb is very safe, leaving it on for very long periods unattended poses a safety risk.

Also you shouldn’t place your salt lamp in an area where it will be exposed to the elements, such as patios, balconies or next to open windows.


Where in rooms should they be placed?

Where you place your Himalayan salt lamp depends upon various factors. If you’re in a room with a TV then you could display it on a coffee table close to where you are sitting so that it cleanses your immediate environment. Similarly, place it on or close to the desk where you work, to eliminate the effects of pollution from your computer and other blue light emitting pieces of equipment. It is important not to locate your Himalayan salt lamp too close to a TV or computer as it could cause interference on the screen, however placing it a metre or so away from your electronics should solve the problem.

You might also need to consider who is using the room. If it’s small children then you may want to set it higher up on a shelf so they can’t play with it, or knock it over. Same applies if you have pets, especially cats. It is unlikely but possible that your inquisitive feline friend might lick the lamp and this could make them very unwell.


 Should they be put away from certain objects?

Yes. If you do put your Himalayan salt lamp in the kitchen, beware of locating it on top of electronic devices like microwaves or speakers as it could leak moisture into them.

Also placing your Himalayan salt lamp on top of something metal isn’t a great idea. This is because it contains water and if it gets wet the water will drip down and make a hole in the surface where it has been placed causing it to rust.


Did you know you can leave your Himalayan salt lamp on all through the night?