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Himalayan Aroma Salt Lamp

Description du produit

The pure blocks of Himalayan pink salt mined in Pakistan are handcrafted into this lamp. The salt emits negative ions to purify the air and offer a relaxing atmosphere. When additions such as essential oils or candles are added, it becomes even more therapeutic. It also helps with many health benefits such as getting a better quality of sleep and having an increased concentration level, while reducing unwanted stress levels at the same time.

To get the most out of your salt lamp, we recommend leaving it on throughout the day so that once heated up enough, its natural healing features work best!

Himalayan salt is hygroscopic in nature which means that it will absorb moisture from it's surrounding. It's then usual for it to get damp when that moisture is released. It is possible that when the lamp is received, it will be damp to touch but please be advised that this is completely normal and the moisture will evaporate once the lamp has been lit for a while. These lamps, along with our other Himalayan salt range is imported from Pakistan, where this salt originates. They have travelled a long way in boxes and so the process of absorbing and releasing moisture will mean that the lamps will more than likely be damp when first recieved.

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