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Natural Tanzanite Tumble Stones, Tanzanite Polished Stone, High Energy Crystal, Healing Crystal, Energy Crystal, Chakra stone, Gemstone Gift

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Tanzanite Tumbled Stones
Size : 10 - 20mm

Tanzanite is the blue variety of zoisite, it was found in 1967 at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

It is associated with the zodiac sagittarius, gemini.

Tanzanite has many healing properties, it helps to dispel fear, anxiety and stress. It boosts your working efficiency and helps you to find better ideas that surely give success. It makes your relationship and love bond strong, it helps you to express how much you love your partner and it also develops trust between you and your partner. Tanzanite activates throat chakra that improves your communication skills and makes you good enough at describing your thoughts clearly and opens the things that are bothering you and leads you towards solving them.

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