What Are The Tumble Stone Colour Options To Choose From?
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What Are The Tumble Stone Colour Options To Choose From?

Tumble stone comes in a wide range of colour variations, making it ideal for decorating any space. Tumble stones are usually small in size, so they are mostly bought in sets to enhance their decorative appeal. No matter the colour of the surrounding items or the area you want to decorate, you can easily find tumble stones in a colour that complements the space.

At Gemstone Gifts, we offer every tumble stone colour variation that you would need, ranging from pure white to bright red. Since tumble stones are made from a variety of rocks and minerals, their colouration depends entirely on the source material. Many gemstone enthusiasts and those who are drawn to these beautiful stones wonder what colour options they have when buying tumble stones. That is exactly what we will discuss in this blog post, so read on.

Blue Topaz Tumble Stones

How Are The Colours Of Tumble Stones Determined?

Tumble stones don’t refer to the crystal or mineral itself; instead, they get their name from the machine that is used to make these stones. Any rock that is polished and smoothened in a machine is called a tumbler. A tumbler is a machine that tumbles the stones until they are shiny and smooth.

Tumble stones maintain their natural colour, but the process of polishing and smoothing enhances their appearance. So, even though the finished tumbled stones look shiny and brighter in colour, they still maintain their natural hues and tints.

At Gemstone Gifts, all our tumble stone products are made from pure natural stones and crystals. Each and every stone is polished to perfection to maintain its original colour and design patterns.

Cinnabrite Tumble Stones

Top Tumblestone Colour Options To Choose From

When it comes to the tumble stone colour options, there is a wide range of variations and hues from which you can choose. At Gemstones Gifts, we have close to 50 different tumble stone colour varieties available. However, when it comes to the top tumblestone colour types, here are the best ones you can buy:

Red and Pink: Cinnabrite Tumble Stones

The Cinnabrite Tumble Stone is known for its distinct pink and red colour combination. These tumble stones are more rounded than most tumble stone varieties, giving them a distinct appearance after being polished.

The depth of red colour on a Cinnabrite varies slightly between the stones depending upon where they are sourced from. You can use this light-coloured tumble stone to decorate your table tops and altars or use it at your favourite meditation spot to set the ambience. Apart from their attractive appearance, the Cinnabrite tumble stones also offer spiritual benefits. This tumble stone variety is known for its attraction and manifestation properties. 

Blue: Topaz Tumbled Stones

Blue is a highly sought-after colour when it comes to tumble stones, and Topaz is the perfect stone for anyone looking to add blue tumble stones to their collection. Topaz is a unique stone because of its translucent blue colour, which puts it in a league of its own in terms of appearance. Blue Topaz tumbled stones are small and flat, making them perfect for creating patterns or holding them in your hand.

Blue Topaz signifies love, good fortune and abundance, and it is also one of the best stones to carry in your pocket. However, if you solely need the Blue Topaz for decoration, then it is best suited for decorating your meditation space or placing it on your work table.

Golden Tiger Eye Tumble Stones

Golden Tiger Eye Tumbled Stones

Golden is one of the rarest colours you can get in tumble stones, and Tiger Eye Gold stone combines beautiful golden colour with lines and patterns. Gemstone Gifts brings you only the purest and most precisely tumbled Tiger Eye stones that resemble the shape of a tiger’s eye. This golden stone is sure to spark conversations when your guests see it placed inside your living room.

Talking about the spiritual properties of the Tiger Eye, this stone is believed to protect the holder from bad luck and the evil eye. Keeping the Tiger Eye tumble stones with you in your pocket or in your hand is the best way to absorb its protective benefits.

White: Selenite Tumblestones

White is the colour of purity and innocence, and it is no surprise that white tumble stones are some of the best in your stone collection. Selenite tumble stones are also known as liquid light due to their colour and appearance. Whether placed in a bowl on its own or in combination with other stones, this pure white tumble stone is great for adding an element of peace and calm to your space.

Dark Brown: Anthophyllite Tumbled Stone

Brown is a unique colour for tumbled stones and a rare one as well. Anthophyllite tumble stone has a unique dark brown colouration with a shiny finish that is loved by collectors and the average person looking for beautiful rocks for decoration.

This stone also has spiritual advantages as it promotes self-awareness, self-learning and self-analysis.

Anthophyllite Tumble Stones


Tumble stones come in many colours, shapes, and sizes, and the type of stone they want is ultimately up to the customer’s preference. We have covered the top tumbled stone colour options in this blog post based on customer feedback and overall market trends.

If you want to find a tumblestone to decorate your space or for your spiritual needs, feel free to browse our tumble stone collection.


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