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Blue Topaz Tumbled Stones, Blue Topaz Tumblestones, Blue Topaz Crystal, Blue Topaz Mineral Crystals, Blue Topaz Gemstone

Product Description

Blue Topaz Tumbled Stones

Topaz can be found in a variety of colours from peach, pale yellow and blue but it is very rare to find topaz with a blue color.
It is associated with zodiac sagittarius.
Blue topaz stimulates, soothes and recharge the energies of the body. It brings abundance, prosperity and success into your life because it is specified as the "wish stone" and "lucky stone". It strengthens the visualisation, awareness and confident abilities for achieving goals. It provides emotional support and dispels negativity. It activates throat chakra that improves communication skills and helps you to express your thoughts and feelings. You can wear this bluish stone around your neck because it balances your thyroid gland and cures your throat area diseases. It aids to develop spiritual connection with your inner self and is known as the best stone for meditation
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