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Green Calcite Tea Light Holder - Square

Product Description

Calcite Square Tea Light holder.

Height - 6.5cm
Width - 6.5cm

Zodiac: Cancer & Virgo

Green calcite is a powerful, spiritual stone linked to higher consciousness and the heart chakra. It is an amplifier and cleanser of energy, removing negativity and releasing blockages. It aids in personal growth, spiritual development and renews our sense of purpose in life. Linked to the heart chakra, it can open the heart to love and harmony. It is the perfect way to relieve stress and restore balance between heart and mind. the energy of this stone may assist you to release feelings of bitterness or anger that flares in difficult times. It can also enhance your memory, by stimulating you mentally and assisting you to centre your attention on what you are trying to remember allowing you to recall details from memory with ease.

As a green crystal, green calcite also brings abundance and prosperity and can accelerate the ability to manifest success in life.

Green calcite tealight holder is very wonderful gift for your loved stones. Green calcite square tealight holder looks very graceful on dinner table.

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