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Selenite charging Disc - Flower of life

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Selenite Charging Disk - Flower of life 8cm

The Seed of Life is a universal symbol of creation found at the heart of an ancient pattern called the Flower of Life. It symbolises creation; an entire cosmology of consciousness encoded into a single geometric seed. Known as the blueprint of the Universe, It represents both beginning and completion.
The Seed of Life is formed from a relationship of 6 circles around one. The symbol can bring you blessings and protection. When you connect with the symbol it can bring about a greater sense of understanding about the Universe, its origins and the innate patterns of life. The 7 circles of the Seed are indicative of the 7 chakras, 7 musical notes & 7 colours of the rainbow!

Engraved on a pure slab of selenite, this symbol is given even greater powers when combined with the healing and clarifying properties of Selenite. This is a truly unique object, a powerful tool during meditation and a true gem for those who have the ability to judge them.

Available in a few other patterns, these Selenite disks are unique in their structure and will make unique and thoughtful gifts.

Please be advised that due to the handcrafted nature of our Selenite products, all sizes are estimates and can vary +/- 1cm in size. Please bear this in mind when making your selection as we're unable to accept this as a fault in the item.

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