Liquid Light - An Introduction to Selenite
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Liquid Light

Liquid Light - An introduction to Selenite

The ancient Greeks named this translucent crystal, Selenite, after the Greek Goddess of moon, Saline. In scientific terms, selenite is a form of sulphate mineral gypsum. It predominantly originates from Morocco and Mexico.

Selenite remains perhaps the most important tool in a crystal lover’s collection. You might notice that I’ve referred to selenite as liquid light as, for me it literally allows liquid like light fluidity. It is best known to clear energy blockages within a person or a place so placing it in corners of rooms where there is heavy footfall is quite beneficial, in addition to using it during meditation. It has extremely high vibrations which floods any energy field with light. It is a fantastic tool in recharging other crystals and stones if it is felt they are not as radiant as before.



Selenite is a fantastic crystal to be used during meditation as it allows clarity of the mind and instills feeling of deep peace and harmony. Orange selenite is said to be used for safety, especially at night-time. It could prove beneficial for children who might experience night terrors to feel safe and secure. Our selenite tumblestone could be placed under pillows before bedtime to offer that little extra magical comfort and safety.

If you’re new to the world of crystals, we always recommend starting with a selenite product, which is beneficial for removing any energy blockages within a space and bathe any room with a heavenly white light. For this reason, our selenite display pieces are very popular. Even more popular are our selenite tower lamps which are real eye catchers. With all the benefits of a selenite crystal, they make exquisite gifts for loved ones. Personally, I love to carry a selenite USB lamp. It is such a big stress reliever, and it means that all I have to do is look at it for a good minute and I’m back in my element, with a clear head.



Selenite is sure to offer a magical experience in your spiritual journey. We have a vast variety of selenite products but if you’re not sure what you’re after or have a question to ask, please contact us and we’d be delighted to help.

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