How to charge selenite crystals

How to charge selenite crystals

Selenite crystals don’t need charging - right? Well, the answer to that is both yes and no. Selenite’s vibrational potency means that it can self-charge, however, like anything which works hard - and boy can selenite deliver the goods when it comes to spiritual and physical wellbeing- it needs to undergo a process of recovery.

In brief: charging is needed to optimize the vibration of the stones so that they can work to full effect. Charging is important because it is responsible for the metaphysical power of the stones, allowing the properties to permeate into our very profound physical realm here on planet Earth.  Consider how your crystals work. As a piece of fossilised mineral, selenite can certainly look pretty in its crystalline form but it is only when we begin to interact with it that it actually begins to work. The energy given off by your selenite is a collaboration between the owner and the stone. By handling it you are imbuing it with energy and that renewed energy is then fed back to you. This constant interaction is what makes the use of crystals so beautiful and natural. But what if you don’t feel any benefits from your crystals? You might think that all claims for their benefits are untrue, when it might be that the energy stored in them has become clogged up. This is one major reason why selenite charging is so important.

Another reason for selenite charging is to reprogram your crystals with renewed intentions. The freshly charged energy of your selenite will be the foundation for absorbing new goals.

As selenite is essentially one of the most used crystals when it comes to spiritual work it needs to be cleansed of every other influence. Once it has been restored, it can help you find peace and increase clarity. This is why it is used extensively in meditation, reiki healing and other energy work. Selenite charging means optimising its properties, clearing the mind and helping you to hone in on your goals.

How to charge selenite, and what to use to do so

Selenite charging is important and it is vital that you take time out to do it at least once a month (more frequently if your crystals are used constantly).

Note! Charging is not the same as cleansing. Charging is all about regenerating the properties of your crystal while cleansing is about ridding it of unwanted vibes.

The process of charging gives a crystal additional energy, allowing it to work with more vibrancy and for a longer duration before it needs to go through the cleansing process again. Charging can also increase the intensity of any intention placed into the stone. There are numerous ways to charge crystals, but the following have been found to be effective.

Charging plates

Here at Gemstone Gifts we have a variety of selenite charging plates that are perfect for regenerating the powers of your selenite. Even though selenite is said to not need cleansing or charging, it doesn't mean that its powers won’t wane if it is in constant use. A charging plate is an excellent place to store your stones and jewellery overnight. How do you know which selenite charging plate to choose? Well, follow your intuition. If a heart shaped plate is your heart’s desire then opt for that. It’s important to remember that  your stones need to vibrate at full power to release their healing potential. Setting a selenite plate on your desk at work, or your windowsill at home so that you can see the light reflected off the stone, is a great way to keep your energy purified all day long. Or keep it by your bedside to promote peaceful slumbers. 

How to use your selenite charging plate

When you take off your jewellery, place your pieces on top of your selenite charging plate overnight.

Remember selenite charging plates and bowls will magnify the energy of anything that is placed upon them so you might want to try different combinations of crystals to achieve a specific intention.

Other ways to charge your selenite:


Using the moon makes sense when charging selenite as this is a mineral with a close connection to all things lunar. Selenite was named after Selene the Greek goddess of the Moon, meaning literally the stone of the moon and so working with lunar energies has a beautiful synergy.

Moonlight is all about feminine energy and it is good for facilitating transitions in your life so using it to charge your selenite feels natural.  Practitioners believe that each phase of the moon has different energies so that it is important to choose the correct phase when charging your selenite. For example, a new moon is all about growth, while the full moon is said to be waning and therefore bring the energy of release.


Placing your selenite crystal in a jar and then burying it in the earth for a few days or weeks will ensure all of the negative energy is drained out of the crystal and into the earth. The earth is then said to recharge the crystal.


Smudging means burning sage or other herbs to remove the negative energy from your crystals. It’s an ancient practice but it is still very much in use today. Burning sage creates fragrant smoke central to smudging’s benefits and then this “incense” is used to charge your crystals.


This takes some imagination and practice but if you do master the practice of visualisation it means you’ll be able to charge your selenite wherever you are. The technique involves imagining healing light filling your crystal up until all the old energy has been dissolved. You need to follow your intuition to ascertain when your crystal is charged.


Selenite can not be recharged like other crystals in rainwater, as it will dissolve and also direct sunlight can be a problem as it can diminish the mineral’s brightness.