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Orange Selenite: Benefits and uses

Orange selenite is a variation of the crystal renowned for its healing properties and is a striking member of the gypsum family.

Orange selenite’s properties include assisting with creating peaceful spiritual practices, helping you heal and nurture your spiritual self, and remain grounded with a high vibration, while releasing you from negative ideas and beliefs.


Is orange selenite natural?


Orange selenite crystallises in the form of large tabular rods (with striations), and bladed clusters. It is more common in its transparent or semi opaque crystal form.  

It is the type of selenite that people will be most familiar with, so you may wonder whether orange selenite is a dyed or coloured version.

Nothing could be further from the truth; orange selenite is completely natural and derives its colour from impurities of hematite, which is a mineral consisting of ferric oxide. 

The larger amount of this iron bearing stone, the deeper the orange colour (in some instances it can be an almost rusty brown). It can be found in countries like Morocco and Mexico.

Not only are orange selenite properties the same as those associated with selenite, but it has extra benefits of its own.

What is the meaning of orange selenite?


Orange selenite, like other variants of this beautiful crystal, is extremely potent, providing the potential for healing and spiritual awakening.

When we invest our energies in the power of white or clear selenite, it will help us to ascend the mind and consciousness.

When selenite is orange, it not only helps to elevate your mind and soul but it grounds your physical and spiritual body.


What is orange selenite good for?


Orange selenite is a powerful stone that is beneficial in many ways.

Here are some of them:


Emotional healing


Orange selenite’s beneficial energies can support you emotionally, helping you to let go of old emotional wounds. It also has the power to boost self-esteem, and reduce stress and anxiety.


Improving energy


Orange selenite’s purifying power removes blockages and allows your energy to flow. You may find yourself thinking much more clearly and positively as a result and becoming physically more active.


Spiritual healing

Selenite is ideal for spiritual healing, meditation, and prayer. It may be utilised at any time to connect with our highest self, spirit guides, or guardian angels.




This is a crystal renowned for its protective property; it can dispel bad energy and also facilitate a connection to the angelic realm.


Cleansing your chakras


One of the primary functions of orange selenite is to activate your higher chakras – the crown chakra and third eye chakra specifically. These are associated with the realm of the divine. Orange selenite can shift stagnant energy and eliminate blockages in the higher chakras so that you become spiritually more receptive.


For meditation


With its amazing purifying and cleansing properties and its ability to connect you to a higher place, orange selenite is the perfect crystal to help you when you are meditating. Spiritual healers advise holding a selenite stone while meditating to clear the mind and actively restore your energy field.


To cleanse your immediate environment


Orange selenite is a great way to dispel negative energies in the home or workplace. Place a stone between you and your laptop to relieve electromagnetic stress in the office for example, or if you want to bring positive vibes into the room, position a piece of orange selenite at each corner. If you want to target its incredible power, you can also place one near an area that needs some special attention.

At night, an orange selenite tealight cleanses the atmosphere of negative energies, helping you sleep more soundly.


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Can you cleanse with orange selenite?


Selenite in all its forms is a superb resource when it comes to cleansing.


If you have a selenite wand or tower, you can place the crystals in a circular shape around it, then leave them for at least 24 hours.


A selenite plate is also a wonderful tool for cleansing your crystals. The level surface makes it suitable for nearly all shapes of orange calcite.


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