raw selenite with a candle and other stones

What is raw Selenite used for?

Selenite in its purest form is known as raw selenite.

Essentially, this is selenite that has been freshly excavated from mother earth and bears the marks of how it was created.

Raw selenite is a calcium sulphate mineral, which is a variety of Gypsum that crystallises in many forms with slightly different chemical compositions. However, that is merely “the science”. There are many raw selenite benefits.

If we described ourselves as bones, blood, and skin we wouldn’t be getting anywhere close to describing the amazing creatures human beings are. It’s similar with selenite.

The science can’t explain its power as a deliverer of clarity, wellbeing, and spiritual connection, and yet these are just some of the extraordinary attributes this stone possesses.

Selenite meaning is about clarity and consciousness. It sweeps away negativity allowing us to focus on the important things in our lives.

Delve into its background, and you’ll find that Morocco has long been a source of high-quality selenite. Meanwhile in Mexico, thanks to the discovery of an 80-metre-long cave filled from floor to ceiling with this precious crystal, the largest selenite stones ever recorded were discovered.

It was estimated each two-metre-long stone would have taken half a million years to form. Imagine the power and wisdom that could be accrued over so many millennia…

These sites are the main providers of selenite, but it is actually as abundant as the stars and is found on almost every continent on the planet.

Touch a piece of raw selenite, and you will discover that it is a much rougher form of the crystal than that which has been transformed into beautiful objects. Its crystalline structure will be rougher and craggier.

To care for your raw selenite, you need to clean it carefully with a soft toothbrush and a small amount of water. Normal tap water is fine for this task. However, you must remove every bit of debris that can make its way into its nooks and crannies.

If you are feeling drawn to raw selenite rather than that which has been polished and shaped, then the closest you will get to it is a beautiful selenite wand. The stone is cut or shaved into a wand-like shape so that it isn’t just a roughly hewn lump of crystal. However, it will essentially be a raw and untreated form of selenite that has not been polished or enhanced in any other way. 


Raw selenite meaning

Johan Gottschalk Wallerius (1709-1785) was a Swedish chemist and mineralogist who discovered the stone in 1747.

Because its soft, pale, or pearly white appearance resembled the moon, he named it selenite after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, who had the power to illuminate the night.

She is depicted riding a horse or winged chariot with a lunar crescent as a crown upon her head.

The lunar association wasn’t made only because of its resemblance to the moon - the word selenite connects to the profoundly spiritual and evokes the energy of the divine feminine.

As the goddess stone it is said to bring protection, harmony, and soul healing to your body, mind, and home

In so many ways the meaning of raw selenite is far reaching. This crystal is a powerful tool which can be incredibly beneficial in every sphere of your life and getting up close to the elemental nature of this beautiful crystal is one way to concentrate your mind and to focus on your desires.  

Study a crystal wand and you’ll see the layers and ridges which have formed over thousands of years. It resembles a crystal icicle, and its energizing and healing properties can bring myriad good things.

But any kind of selenite has the power to be amazing.

A raw selenite wand is an ideal way to eliminate the impurities or imbalances that are blocking your aura. By running the wand within your auric field, you can feel an improvement in your emotional and physical wellbeing enabling you to feel revitalised.

Raw selenite is also beneficial if you feel restless and anxious. It has the power to generate energy and sweep away negativity.


Selenite from Gemstone Gifts

Selenite is one amazing stone, as useful for shifting through energy blocks as it is for bringing peace and purity to one’s head and heart.

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