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Himalayan salt gift ideas your friends will love

Seeking inspiration for a gift to give someone special? Then take a look at our fabulous Himalayan salt range. Here you’ll find gift ideas your friends will love, whether you’re buying for a birthday, engagement, anniversary or wedding. Not only will you be giving them a gift to treasure but one that could enhance their life and wellbeing in many ways.

Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp (Crafted) [Multiple sizes]

The Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is a thing of beauty. Hand carved out of crystal hewn from the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan, these lamps are available in a variety of sizes and each have their own unique look and characteristics. All lamps include bulb and UK 3 pin plug.

Your friends will love them because…

They will cast a lovely rosy glow when illuminated and can have significant health benefits including purifying the air, improving sleep, reducing stress and promoting general sense of wellbeing. These lamps are the equivalent of giving your someone a big warm hug filled with friendship.

Fine Himalayan Bath Salts

The stunning pink hues of our Fine Himalayan Bath Salts make these so attractive to look at but there’s more to these bath salts than just their pretty looks. These are considered to be one of the purest salts on earth. They are detoxifying and contain 84 minerals and trace elements that can calm your body as well as ease the stresses of modern life. The salts come in a variety of sizes from 100g to 25kg, with prices starting at £2.99, making them fantastically affordable too.

Your friends will love them because…

The mineral-rich salt crystals will gently exfoliate dead skin cells, assist with scar healing, help to reduce muscle pain and cramps and are great for helping you relax. They can also be mixed with their favourite essential oils to create a divine spa-like experience during bath time.


Heart shaped Himalayan Salt Paperweight

This delightful paperweight is not only useful for keeping documents secure on an office desk but it will be a great way to give your friend a health boost. The crystal’s purifying properties are said to negate the electromagnetic radiation emitted by office essentials like laptops and smartphones as well as enhance the ionic balance of the environment. The heart shaped paper weight is available in two sizes, small, £6.99 and large, £7.99.

Your friends will love them because…

These paperweights could help relieve stress and fatigue and make them feel more energized and positive. Plus, every time they look at their paperweight they can think of you!


Himalayan Aroma Salt Lamp

The Himalayan Aroma Salt Lamp combines all the benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp, including air purification and ionising the atmosphere to increase feelings of wellbeing and help with asthma and other respiratory conditions but it also allows you to add essential oils to increase its relaxation properties.

Your friends will love this because…

They will know that you have their health at your heart. It’s also lovely to look at and will smell absolutely divine too.


Colour changing USB Lamp

The Colour Changing USB Lamp is such a talking point! You plug it into your laptop or PC via its USB cord and once it heats up it will begin to change colour. The health benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp are enhanced by the lamp’s changing hues.

Your friends will love this because…

It’s not only fun but it’s a great way for them to take time out from the stresses of the day and help them to focus more clearly. Plus it will look absolutely fabulous in any room they choose as its home.


Himalayan natural lamp with 2x tealight holders

Looking to buy a friend something really special? Then look no further than this incredible set, consisting of a Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp and Tea Light Holders.

 Made from pure Himalayan rock salt, exclusively mined in Pakistan, the lamp, when illuminated, gives off gentle hues ranging from amber to pink, depending on the colour of the salt. The salt lamp not only provides a warm ambience to any room but more importantly offers a great number of health benefits including purifying the air, improving sleep, reducing stress and promoting general sense of wellbeing.

The set also includes two tea light holders, which will emit a lovely soft pink glow when the candles are illuminated as well as provide all the health benefits of the lamp.

The tealights could be used to increase the relaxing ambience of the dinner table, while the lamp could be used as a night light to ensure the recipient gets a good night’s sleep. All lamps come with PYGMY 12w bulb and standard 3pin UK plug.

Your friends will love these because…

Himalayan rock salt is known the best to ease stress, improve sleep and promote a general feeling of well-being. The warm glow of the salt makes it a great object for any room and it will help to boost mood and calm the mind.


Himalayan salt Lamp Fire Bowl

Looking for an unusual gift for a loved one? Look no further than our Himalayan Salt Lamp Fire Bowl! Made from pure Himalayan salt, this lamp is perfect for ramping up the relaxation and style potential of any room. Not only does it purify the air but it can be therapeutic in so many ways and it has a rugged elemental look that will appeal to anyone who wants to feel in touch with their inner essence.


If we have inspired you with our selections, please take a look at our Himalayan Salt gift ideas.