Incorporating Selenite Crystals  into Your Interior Design Plans
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Incorporating Selenite Crystals into Your Interior Design Plans

Selenite crystal is known for its beautiful pearl-white colour and unique texture; it is a favourite among gemstone enthusiasts. While this gypsum crystal is mainly known for its use in making jewellery and tumble stones, you can also get decorative selenite pieces to enhance your interior design scheme.

At Gemstone Gifts, we offer selenite crystals as beautifully designed decoration items. So anyone who wants to reflect their love and admiration for selenite through their home interior has plenty of options to choose from.

Not sure how you can add selenite crystals to your home interior design scheme? We are going to explain exactly how you can achieve a selenite-themed interior.


YingYang Selenite Tealight Holder

What Makes Selenite Ideal for Decorating Your Home Interior?

The spiritual properties of selenite crystals are just one reason for their popularity, as they have long been used for decorative purposes as well. Ancient Egyptian civilizations realized the decorative potential of this beautiful gemstone and had been using selenite as a decorative stone. The more iconic use of selenite for decorative purposes can be seen in Santa Sabina church in Rome, where sheets of selenite are used for making windows.

Thanks to modern technology and stone carving techniques, selenite crystals can now be made into everything from pocket stones to functional lamps. And if you aren’t sure where to get all these selenite-based decorative items, then Gemstone Gifts has everything you need in one place. In the next section, we are going to take a deeper look into how you can incorporate selenite crystals into your home interior design scheme.

Selenite Sphere

Decorating Your Home Interior with Selenite (What Are The Options?)

When you are decorating your home interior with selenite crystals, you can choose between functional and purely decorative items. By carefully placing these decorative selenite products in the right spots, you can elevate your interior and benefit from their healing properties. Without further ado, here are some options you can consider when decorating your home with selenite:

Selenite Crystal Spheres

Crystal spheres have long been a sign of spirituality, and they are mostly used to enhance the benefits of meditation. You can also use selenite crystal spheres of different sizes to decorate your home.

At Gemstone Gifts, we have selenite crystal spheres that range between 4 cm and 12 cm in size. You can place a single large selenite sphere in the middle of your living room, or you can place multiple selenite spheres on the wall shelves.

Not only do these spheres look good in your living space, but they can also promote meditation, healing, and clarity.

The price of Selenite Charging Crystal Sphere starts at £8.00.

Selenite Tea Light holders

Selenite interacts almost magically with light, and therefore, selenite tealight holders make for the perfect decor option for your interior. You can get selenite tea light holders in a wide range of shapes. At Gemstone Gifts, we offer selenite tea light holders in flower, brick, square, heart, cylinder, and sphere shapes. On top of that, you also get colour variations of selenite tea light holders to go with your overall interior colour scheme.

Not only do these crystal tea light holders look great on their own, but when they have the gentle glow of a candlelight, they turn into small light displays.

You can get a selenite tea light holder from Gemstone Gifts for as low as £12.95.

Selenite Lamp

Selenite Lamps

If you want to add selenite to your home interior design scheme for a purpose, then selenite lamps are another great option. Selenite lamps are an energy-efficient way to light up your living space or bedrooms. They are mostly shaped like towers and have white LEDs installed in the middle to light up the selenite crystal from the inside.

There are multiple size options available for selenite lamps ranging between 15 cm and 40 cm in height. So, no matter what your lighting and decoration requirements are, Gemstone Gifts offers selenite crystal lamps of all sizes. Not to mention, there are multiple light color options available for selenite lamps. If you want to control how much light you want in your space, we also offer dimming selenite lamps. Multiple design options and colour choices make selenite lamps a versatile option for incorporating selenite into your home interior.

The price for selenite lamps starts at around £16.95.

Selenite Displays

Selenite displays are crafted from large selenite pieces, and they make for great focus pieces due to their unique colour, shape, and texture. Selenite display pieces are made by hand after cutting and polishing the selenite crystals to maintain their shine and appeal. You can get selenite displays of various sizes depending on your preference and interior theme.

A well-placed selenite display focus piece is sure to be a conversation starter when your guests visit your home.

You can get selenite displays for as low as £6.99.

Selenite Display Crystals


Selenite is one of the most sought-after crystals due to its healing properties. But it is also one of the most beautiful crystals to use as a theme for your interior design. We have the entire range of selenite crystal products along with other gemstones. So visit our crystals collection today to find decorative crystals for your home interior.