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Looking to Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp? Read this First

Are you looking to purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp for yourself or as a gift for someone else? Well, if you are, then you have come to the right place. Himalayan salt lamps are excellent items for gifting as well as creating the right ambience but there are some points that you need to keep in mind.

The points or rather questions below will assist in helping you understand if getting that lamp you saw online or at the local store is a good thing. Needless to say, from low-quality Himalayan lamps to downright fakes, these and other things can actually undermine your intended purpose for buying this several million-year-old marvel from the mountains of the Himalayas.  

In the end we’ll mention some general guidelines when it comes to pink salt lamps.

So, without further ado, let’s start.


Egg-shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp

Why Do You Want To Buy A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Please don’t be taken aback by this question, and hear us out before you close this article. The fact is this matters a lot, especially when it comes to something as unique as a salt lamp. These Himalayan salt lamps come in various sizes and even in unique shapes. If you’re planning on giving it as a gift, sure, they make for great décor items and do wonders when it comes to creating the ambience.

However, if the person you’re buying this for is spiritual, does meditation, or maybe has a strong belief in the power of gemstones and natural crystals – such a gift would hold a deeper meaning and connection. If they are religious at the same time, there are options to buy a lamp reflecting that through its shape – angel-shaped lamps or cross-shaped ones. If they believe in sacred geometry, opt for a spherical or even a triangular pyramid-shaped Himalayan salt lamp might be better.

Further, the size and shape of the lamp can also affect its pricing. Hence, it is always good to know what you’re looking for and why so you can make an informed decision.


Angel Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp

Is The Himalayan Salt Lamp Authentic?

Given the popularity of such lamps, it is always good to ensure that whenever you are purchasing such a lamp it is authentic. Himalayan salt lamps are crafted from salt that is mined from the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan. They have a tell-tale pink hue to them; that’s why they are often referred to as pink salt lamps as well.

However, not all salt lamps are genuine; many are cheap imitations made from dyed rock salt or plaster, which lack the aesthetic appeal and potential health benefits of authentic pink salt.

Additionally, some manufacturers may add dyes or chemicals to enhance the color or scent of the lamps, posing potential health risks, particularly for individuals with allergies or sensitivities. That is in stark contrast to what many people with allergies and breathing issues use Himalayan salt lamps for.

So, always go for those providing the real deal.


Is The Lamp That You Are Buying Of High Quality?

Well, now you’re probably going to think, OK, I get the authenticity part, but isn’t quality the same thing? Not really; ensuring that the pink salt is actually the real deal from the Himalayas is one aspect, but ensuring that the wires, bulb, base, and craftsmanship are up to the mark is another.

Suppose the modern components of this ancient luminescent crystal are not of high quality. In that case, it can cause issues, such as being plagued with light source shorting out—or the wire melting or getting stuck to the lamp itself because it overheated.

So, always buy from a place that has been around for a long time and ensures quality products.

Do You Or The Person You Are Gifting The Himalayan Salt Lamp Have Children Or Pets?

You might be wondering why we have included this question for you to ponder over. The fact is that salt is salt, and as much as it makes our food taste great, too much of it can be dangerous. If you have pets or the person you’re gifting to has pets, well, cats and dogs can get attracted to the salt taste and lick it. If the pets ingest too much salt, it can lead to sodium poisoning, and that can be fatal.

Also, salt lamps, especially the larger ones, have a significant weight, so they need to be kept away from the reach of young children lest they accidentally topple them. Lamps need to be placed on stable surfaces.


General Guidelines For Himalayan Salt Lamp Use

To maximize the enjoyment and benefits of your Himalayan salt lamp while minimizing risks, consider the following practical tips:

Purchase your lamp from reputable sources such as; who are known for selling authentic Himalayan salt lamps.

Once purchased, ensure the lamp is placed in a stable, dry area away from any flammable materials and out of reach from children and pets.

Always use the recommended bulbs by the manufacturer, and if you’re unsure, do not hesitate to contact customer support from where you purchased the lamp.

Although it’s safe to leave the lamp on for extended periods if it’s high quality and from a trusted source, occasionally turning it off can help prevent moisture buildup.

Regular maintenance is also key; gently wipe the lamp with a damp cloth to keep it clean and prevent moisture accumulation, but avoid submerging it in water.


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