Where to place selenite in your home

Where to place selenite in your home

What is selenite?

This is a remarkable crystal which in its simplest manifestation is a transparent type of gypsum with a reputation as a powerful transmitter for healing. It’s appearance is of pure, white light encapsulated in mineral form and it derives its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, which aligns it with everything lunar, including feminine energy.

The word selenite is also associated with the spiritual plane and some believe it connects us to angels. In essence this “liquid light” has many extraordinary attributes that make it a prized component of the crystal worker’s toolbox.

Healing and rejuvenation are amongst the most significant ways in which selenite can be used and it can also play a very important role in meditation and mindfulness practice.

The benefits of selenite

Because this is a crystal that vibrates at a higher level than most, it is viewed as the king of crystals. And as it operates at a super high frequency it is also seen as possessing great healing powers. Although none of these have been proved in any scientific way, the anecdotal evidence is strong, so keep an open mind!

Here are some of the benefits of Selenite:

  • Promotes peace and calm for an individual and also their environment.
  • Provides clarity.
  • Clears blocked energy, the type of energy that can make you feel obstructed in your aims and goals.
  • Lifts the spirits.
  • Improves your powers of intuition.
  • Is a useful tool when it comes to clearing negative energies from a space.
  • Vibrates at a very high frequency, connecting you to a higher place.
  • Enhances connection and camaraderie with others.
  • Boosts powers of manifestation.

Those who heal with crystals will use selenite to restore feelings of well-being. Selenite is said to be effective if you are weighed down by troubled thoughts and low spirits, as it will provide the energy to lift your mood and clear away any negativity (of course if you or someone else is experiencing any kind of distressing mental or physical condition it is vital that you see a professional). For those who work with chakras this is an important medium as it works on the higher chakras, specifically the “third eye” or crown chakra , which are associated with the higher consciousness and the divine. This crystal works by removing stagnant energy, clearing the chakras of impediments to clarity of thought and feeling. It may be as a result you become more receptive to messages from the universe, or may help you with your relationships.


Where are the best places in the home to place selenite to make the most of its benefits?

If there is one crystal you can benefit from placing almost everywhere it is selenite. This is because it is such a versatile mineral that also has an immense influence over other crystals. However, there are certain places you should never place your selenite and that is in water which because of its composition can dissolve.

At the front door

As selenite can clear any negative energies it is the perfect crystal to position at your front door, or entrance to your apartment. In this way you can literally leave all the negativity or blocked energy you have experienced throughout the day at the door.

Living room

Selenite raises the energy in an environment which is why you need to position it where you spend quite a lot of time. Placing the stones in your living room can have a hugely uplifting effect. You can use them to energise and purify the air, so try placing selenite in an unused fireplace, or on the window sill or coffee table where it will sparke as it picks up ambient light.

In the bedroom

The purifying powers of selenite crystals are just as useful in the bedroom as they are in the living room. You could place one under your bed to align with the selenite’s cleansing energy all through the night. But you might also want to invest in a beautiful selenite tower lamp, a gorgeous tealight holder or charge your crystal jewellery in a selenite bowl by your bedside.

In the office

Selenite is a pretty good thing to have around the workplace, as it is the king of the cleansing stones and can clear bad energy that may be circulating around your body or work station. It’s also said to be good for stress, so maybe take a small crystal into a meeting to not only help you to relax but also bring you positive energy.

In your meditation space

Because selenite can guide you to a higher consciousness, it is a beautiful thing to have around while you are meditating. It can help block out the “chatter” of everyday life and nagging interior thoughts and help you to tune into your intuition and connect with “spirit guides”.

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