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Burma Teak Triple Tea Light Holder

Product Description

Burma Teak Tea light holder with 3 holes.

Onyx, originates from Greek mythology meaning, fingernail or claw, is considered to be a strength giving stone which also provides protection to the bearer. It is known to calm fear and allow healing of past injuries and any physical traumas affecting the present life. Onyx is believed to increase intuition and instinct which is why it is such a useful stone for meditation. It is believed that Onyx absorbs negative energy and enhance physical and mental stamina.

Carrying a piece of this stone is said to settle disagreements and get rid of negative energy. In some parts of the world, it is rubbed between the two fingers to dispel feelings of strong emotion and worry.

It is a stone for Zodiac Leo and month of August.

Burma teak stone is a beautifully grained marble in shades of tan, beige and brown, named for its unique wood grain look.

This hand-carved Burma Teak tea light holder texture feels soft to touch and is glossy.

This can be a lovely wooden effect stone piece to set on your table to light 3 candles at the same time.

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