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Cinnabrite Tumble Stones, Cinnabrite Tumbled Stones, Cinnabrite Crystal, Polished Stone, Pocket Stone, Wealth Crystal, Crystal Gift

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Cinnabrite Tumble stones

Cinnabrite is associated with Third Eye, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra.

Cinnabrite is a fantastic stone for attraction and manifestation. It is considered the ‘Merchant’s Stone’ and  is useful in catching prosperity for businesses and individuals, especially to those working towards the greater good of the universe! Cinnabrite also assists you spiritually and makes psychic connections. It is a combination of red and pink Epidote and Scapolite.

Cinnabrite is specifically useful in releasing negativity energies and raising vibrational energies.

It is also used for healing bone disorders, high blood pressure, vein and artery problems, ear infections, glandular disorders, recovery from surgery.

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