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Lepidolite Crystal Tumbled Stones, Natural Lepidolite Tumblestones, Healing Crystal, Meditation, Depression and Anxiety, Gift

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Lepidolite Tumble Stones

Zodiac : Libra

Lepidolite is a crystal in pink to purple color. Lepidolite has many healing properties, it assists you in learning and studying with concentration. It relieves your mind from anxiety, depression and stress because it is specified as a relaxing stone as it consists of lithium which is the best natural medication for anxiety healing. By using this crystal every breath you inhale will bring calming energy and every breath you exhale will take away all your tensions, distrust, anxiety and negative energies.

It connects you to yourself by bringing self awareness, higher self esteem and confidence so you can recognize yourself and know that you are a great addition to this world.

It also strengthens the immune system and can be used to restructure DNA. Moreover it also reduces the effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic frequencies)


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