green selenite rock

Green Selenite - Benefits and uses

Green Selenite is one of the most extraordinary crystals on the planet, possessing many properties to help you on your physical and spiritual journey.

It is a variant of the gypsum family, formed over millions of years as a result of the accumulation of salt from what was once seawater. Over this unimaginably long period, the water builds up, evaporates, leaves behind a layer of salt, and then the process repeats until selenite crystals are formed.

Most selenite crystals are the milky white colour of a brilliant luminous moon, but other forms come in different colours. One of those is green, which can be captivating in its appearance. Gaze upon this variant, and it is if the crystals had absorbed all the bounty and goodness of the ocean over millions of years.

Green selenite for sale in the UK is rare, but if you love this crystal and the opportunity of owning a piece arises, you may want to add it to your collection.  


What are selenite crystals used for?

One of the reasons green selenite for sale is unusual is that it is more fragile than most other forms of selenite.

While you might find jewellery, lamps and other decorative items made from selenite, the green variety of the crystal can be less robust. Not only does this make it even more special, but you’re more likely to come across it in its natural form.

Green selenite can be used by those who want to connect to their higher spiritual plane for meditation or yoga practice. It is especially good for helping people make connections in a more grounded way, and has a reputation for helping promote good relations. That is why many use it to strengthen the bonds of friendship.

Another area in which green selenite is said to be helpful is in your business dealings, as it is said to draw wealth to you.

Selenite crystals are considered so special that practitioners say they are connected to the angelic realm and will bring protection from a higher spiritual source so that all negative energy from the body and mind is dispelled.

When you hold a selenite crystal, or place it in your home or work space, you will feel calmer, experience mental clarity and feel more energetic. Their higher vibration works to help you heal and nurture your spiritual self and give you support when you most need it in your life.

Green selenite shares these attributes with the common types of selenite but it is especially effective when you have to feel a little bit braver. It is said to promote confidence and courage and it is also a beautiful crystal to have around if you wish to enhance your creativity.

Healing and rejuvenation are also boosted by this very special crystal. It is connected to the skeletal system, the skin, and the region around the heart chakra and can be beneficial for various conditions related to these areas of physical being.


Why are green selenite crystals so special?

  • Your friendships will be stronger

Green selenite has a friendly vibration and the energy which emanates from them will help when it comes to making friends with others, or maybe healing wounds if a friendship has broken down.

  • They will bring more positivity into your life

If you are able to get your hands on one these crystals clusters, they emit a beneficial vibration that will be a positive asset to your life.

  • They’ll help you adapt to change

It is also a stone that will help you to make choices, and to adapt to change.

Selenite also shares many of the attributes of selenite in its natural moon, like iridescence, and you can find out more by reading our previous blog post titled ‘What are the benefits of selenite?


What do green selenite crystals mean?

These clusters of green crystal will bring many benefits to your life.

If you have spiritual goals, green selenite can help you achieve them. They are a positive force and derive their power from the moon.

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