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Agate Green Tea Light Holder

Product Description

Agate Green Rough Tea Light holder.

Approximate Size:
Height - 10.0cm

Agate is an ornamental stone consisting of a variety of chalcedony and the part of quartz family. Agate was used in carving hardstone items, such as ornaments.

 In old times green agate was the best known stone to cure illness. It is a health stone that cures several diseases and activates your body to fight against diseases and balances your mental and physical health. Green agate has miraculous healing power, people in modern times still keep this stone with them because it gives power and courage to move ahead and have success. It is highly recommended to people who are discouraged and hopeless because it brings self confidence and motivates you for self love. 

This agate tealight holder is a very beautiful and healing ornament. If you are looking for the best home décor gift then this natural product is the best gift for your loved ones. This sliced agate tea light candle holder looks more beautiful when set on the table.

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