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Tourmalinated Quartz Stone Chip Bracelet

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Tourmalinated Bracelet

Tourmalines are a high quality gemstone. Historically, the power of tourmaline has been known by many cultures; from shamans of Africa to the Native American tribes, Tourmaline was carried to protect themselves from danger.

Tourmaline is also highly regarded in the spiritual realm and is called a “receptive stone,” due to it’s soothing and calming energy. Tourmaline can help to clear negative energy and even transform it into positive energy. It is used to strengthen the body and spirit. Healing properties of tourmaline vary, depending on the tourmaline color.

Tourmaline comes in just about every colour imaginable, this beautiful multicolour tourmaline which is known to encourage self-confidence. This colour stone is especially known to strengthen weak souls and dispel anxiety and self-doubt. It helps release tension increases one's level of tolerance.

Multicoloured tourmaline comes in many shades with some red and green combinations known as 'Watermelon' or even ‘Rainbow/. However, the colour changes each time you view from different angles. This is also a birthstone for the month of October. Aside from it’s incredible healing powers, it is also called the Love Stone as it is worn by those facing difficulties in their relationships because of it’s ability to balance one's energy in the body. The wearer will also feel the benefit of the stone as it promotes joy and happiness by transmuting negative energies and sending them back into the world as unconditional love. Multicolour Tourmaline comes highly recommended to those seeking emotional support.

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